View Poll Results: What expansion/era was the absolutely worst time in your opinion for WoW?

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  • Vanilla

    91 3.83%
  • TBC

    80 3.37%
  • WotLK

    47 1.98%
  • Cata

    394 16.58%
  • MOP

    162 6.82%
  • WOD

    1,127 47.41%
  • Legion

    147 6.18%
  • BFA (Just starting, why u pick? -_-)

    329 13.84%
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    It's hard to argue against World of Garrisons (WoD), but damn BFA is doing its best to challenge it. The entire progression system of this expansion is IMO fundamentally flawed, and no amount of tweaks are fixing it.

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    Just going through old polls of mine. Interesting that more folks hate vanilla then WOTLK.
    Perhaps Wrath was actually the rumored golden age.
    Or people put on rose tinted goggles when looking back at vanilla-wrath.

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    BFA was my vote.

    Why? Because it was so full of empty promises, and absolute ignorance and unwillingness to listen to the mountains and mountains of feedback. It's obviously rushed, the systems in it are awful, and there is not one redeeming quality about it whatsoever, other than the stat squish, which they still managed to fuck up by implementing already exponentially scaling stats.

    It's absurd. I hate it so much.

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    WoD. I personally don't think it's fair to judge BFA yet, even though if I had to rank it somewhere it's just above WoD.

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    MoP and Legion was my favorite expansions.
    The legendary cloak quest chain and Timeless Isle was pretty fun. Spent most of my time there, PvP-ing and farming rares.

    In Legion I really liked the class hall quests and I have leveled all my alts to 110 and still planning to get all the class mounts.
    Still missing some tho.

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    WoD, without question. Had absolutely nothing to do, and very little new content for the expansion.
    Even if you dislike BFA, you are being very selfish to say its the worst, because it has added many new features and ways to play, and still has massively more to do daily than WoD.
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    BC, WOTLK & MoP were pretty great. I loved those xpacs from start to finish. Cata was allright enough. I enjoyed Legion, but I didnt start playing it until about halfway into it.

    WOD was a huge pile of shite and the reason I waited longer to play Legion lol.

    BfA has been OK so far. Hard to judge when we havent played whole of BfA yet. Hopefully we the best is yet to come this xpac..

    Im a different player now than before and that probably affects my view on each xpac. BfA probably fits me more now than lets say BC would today.

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    Well since BfA isn't over yet I feel I can't pick it however for overall bad PR and how much of a clustertruck the expansion has been BFA is legit the worst thing from blizzard I've ever played. WoD If I'm picking complete/past expansions. I'll never understand the hate for Cata unless maybe you didn't raid or sucked at the game and couldn't do heroic dungeons or something. I know as someone who raided and did the hardest content that expansion was excellent until LFR/Dragon Soul.
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    BFA by a far mile.

    Class design is trash.

    WOD comes close second since content was trash, but classes were fun to play.

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    last 3 expansions are all dogshit, but since they're getting progressively worse you can take a guess which one is the worst one

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    I hate Outland. I hate Draenei (who weren't anything like what they should have been if they had actually stuck to their own lore). I hate high elves for the horde (screw you China!). I hated the dungeons, the raids. I even hated Illidan and I LIKED him in Warcraft 3.
    Tbc was full of utter crap and imo the only reason it's liked so much is because people were still on a vanilla high back then. It was an unacceptably bad expansion.

    As for the probable 'winner' of this thread; WoD just had a severe lack of content/updates. But what was there, was miles ahead of anything in TBC.

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