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    Last time I played a shaman in WoW during Legion, enhancement was killed 862 gazillion times a millisecond in regular story game play and dailies because they couldn't take a single blow. The same "basic melee attack" that did maybe 5 to 10% of a balance druid or shadow priest or warlock's health, did maybe 30 to 40% of an enhancement shaman's health.

    Has that changed in BFA?
    No its same old squishy squid i dont understand how they are mail class lol.. cloth classes are more survivable than enhance per hit

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    Ele is powerful. Although the process is not good(IP is overtuned),
    I'm thankful to dev that ele is finally playable.
    Although AoE dps is gone for this, Ele is very balanced and can handle any situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennett View Post
    Shaman has been strong all of BFA
    lol if you ignore the first year of launch

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    Gutted I'm not actively raiding on retail for this

    Stuck with Ele for over half a decade and was permanently middle of the pack at best.

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    Enhancement is still overbloated and super squishy in PvP.

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