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    My undead warlock wishes Sylvanas would just go ahead and mount an all out offensive on Stormwind, with carpet plague-bombing its streets from Zeppelins.

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    Ally warrior: ragequit
    Horde paladin: wake me up when 9.0 is announced.

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    My main blood elf paladin is shocked at what Sylvanas did. Back then he used to admire and respect Sylvanas, both when she was alive and then when she became the leader of the Forsaken the Banshee Queen. However, after what she did to Teldrassil he lost faith and respect toward her and support Saurfang's ideology.

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    Deletion. 10/chars

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techno-Druid View Post
    If you're Horde, how does your character reconcile the Burning of Teldrassil and the Invasion of Northern Kalimdor? If you're Alliance, how does your character react to it?
    I've got a hefty bank of 13 max level Horde toons, but I barely RP in game anymore. That said -

    My belf pally - she'll be actively looking for ways to unseat Sylvanas and is disgusted that she had a hand in aiding the actions that led up to the burning.

    My undead rogue - has been burned (pun not intended) too many times for trying to extend olive branches, etc. and is claiming that she's fine with the burning. It's mostly an act though, and in reality its pretty horrifying to her.

    Everyone else... well I'm not doing the quest chain another 12 times so I can sort of elect to act like they never participated in the events at least

    Alliance side I've only got a couple toons to think about, and I don't think I've ever RPed with them before. On the other hand, I feel like there's little concern for nuance in their interpretation and reaction to the burning - Horde have become monsters, kill them all.

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    Quick, let's take a photo of that burning tree. Nobody's going to believe this is happening.

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    Sitting/afk'ing in an inn, staring at the wall. Must be PTSD.

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    (Horde)Waiting for their moment to strike, see this crazy before knows how it typically ends. (Alliance)Angry, you fucked up now..

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    On my first Horde character I was looking for a back stab button.

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    She's pretty disgusted with what Sylvanas did, because she looked very much forward to conquering that tree and especially Darnassus.
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    Well, my blood elf warlock holds a grudge towards the Night Elves because they were spying on them and trying to sabotage them when they were trying to rebuild the defenses of Quel'thalas. She thought it was a low blow... plus she studied magic and a bit of arcane before being ambushed by an imp that told her to ditch her arcane studies and start into the occult ways of warlocking... so she never liked the whole "ew, arcane" thing the night elves had going on.
    So she's happy. She thinks they had it coming, and that it was too bad Malfurion was saved by Saurfang and/or Elune.
    My priestess is tense as fuck because of the tension between the races (she's the one that raises reputations to exalted mostly).
    My druid always felt belittled by Tyrande's comments towards trolls, and felt threatened by her constantly, especially when she failed us all in Valsharah. She weeps for the monumental loss that was the fall of the World Tree, but she feels it was mostly the balance of things coming to bite Tyrande in the ass.
    ... so, overall, pretty good.

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    - War is good for business.

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    I have Horde characters that are absolutly fine with it, some are wondering if it was a tactically sound decision.
    Even some of my alliance characters had no problem with it, but are glad for a reason to finally destroy the Horde. And of course, some are grieving for the dead.

    Mostly I really try to avoid to let my modern mindset slip in. I try to think of medieval warfare and a medieval mindset. Best example: the viking attack on Lindisfarne. Of course the christians were horrified that someone could step so low and attack a monastery. But the vikings were like "Hey, treasures for us... and how stupid are those guys to not fight back?"
    So, as a Horde member I am not horrified for civilian victims, because not only is the enemy a different people, but an entirely different race. We never had such problems when the enemy are purely npc, but this time a Player race was hit. I don't want to make a difference with that.

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    My main, a paladin on the Horde sought to exile himself after that event. Hard to be a neutral worshipper of the light with something like that on your shoulders.

    My Alliance Rogue took it tough. He's not some war hero but a salvager and a banker, so that much death in one area is a little tough to handle the news about. And he fell ashamed as he thought of lost business too.
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    My blood elf Blood Knight:

    They attacked us, sabotaged our only defense against the scourge when they were supposed to be in talks to be our allies through the dwarf. Tried to invade Ghostlands afterwards. All of us during our lowest times. Now they know how it feels to be pushed on the brink. If they think I'll show sympathy they should apologize for their betrayals

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    Lorewise of course absolutely devastated, clinging on to Saurfang's words to "live another day" amidst the horrors left and right.

    I'm still new to this whole roleplaying thing though, so I haven't exactly been consistent.

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    My Blood elf Blood Knight:

    Those damned cousins had it coming. Good on the Warchief for finally teaching those arrogant hypocrites of a lesson they won't soon forget. They exiled us from our homeland, and then tried to sabotage, and invade us after we were looking to join the traitorous Alliance. Plague on all of them. They deserve nothing better.

    Loosin Undercity was no loss at all. The entire place stank horribly, and it was falling apart in any case. I don't know how many times I said they need to relocate. Preferably to somewhere with colder climate so they can more easily disguise the stench of their ever rotting corpses. One would think that after decades of running around they'd be bare bones by now, but they still cling to that rotten flesh of theirs.
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    My character has no love for nelves so he doesn't care if they die, the only thing that bugs him are possible consequences and poor planning of it all - if burning nelves Alive then make sure the military is hit with that. Another thing would be disturbance of spirits.

    On alliance I play pandaren and soon dark iron. Pandaren would likely be horrified and tried to help, dark iron wouldn't care that much.

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    I made sure my Druid put on a badass Darnassian-themed Transmog when going into the Battle for Undercity. Had him don the "Of Darnassus" title and place down the Darnassus battle-standard. Made sure he wore that getup through most of the questing experience for BfA too! He'll probably put it back on when the Darkshore Warfront releases next patch.

    Not much of a roleplayer (in MMOs at least), but I like to try and at least put on a transmog that reflects the current theme or lore event. Also, I like to imagine my character would be on the bloody war-path of vengeance for Teldrassil! Enough being a peaceful Mr. Nice-Druid, it's time to drink Orcish blood.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mellrod View Post
    I made sure my Druid put on a badass Darnassian-themed Transmog when going into the Battle for Undercity. Had him don the "Of Darnassus" title and place down the Darnassus battle-standard. Made sure he wore that getup through most of the questing experience for BfA too!

    Not much of a roleplayer (in MMOs at least), but I like to imagine my character would be on the bloody war-path of vengeance for Teldrassil!
    Same here!

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