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    Battle for Lordaeron Cutscenes

    Battle for Lordaeron Cutscenes
    There are two cutscenes that play out during the Battle for Lordaeron Scenario. The second one is different depending on whether you are Alliance or Horde.



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    Great thumbnails.

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    Ah yes, the old: show up fashionably late to the party, in a magical ghost ship, wielding arcane ghost cannons. Classic. About as cheesy as her rendition of "Let It Go" she did in her Warbringer cinematic.

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    Sylvanas used "Taunt" it's super effective
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    God the writing is horrible. It's clearly targeting kids.

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    ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha omg, this is disney levels of writing

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    As horrible as expected. All of it. Don't even want to go into details.
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    Wow jaina could have been a real help with the Legion. Shame she just fucked off and all.

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    Yikes, the Jaina cinematic was pretty bad. I am usually not overly critical, but the Alliance needs something badass. Sylvanas totally stole the show. I know that some people hate her, but her voice actor is simply amazing.

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    Love Sylvanas even more and the alliance leaders, there's a reason why you don't win wars, because stupid leaders only bring stupid results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kgersen View Post
    God the writing is horrible. It's clearly targeting kids.
    That's what I've been saying all Beta!!!! This is clearly not targeting the audience of gamers who are older than, say, 22, which, let's be honest, is actually the majority of their playerbase. I don't think they get many new players, and probably not teens, with graphics from a decade ago.

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    This would actually be a nice moment to give Anduin some character development, his "muh peace" ways have almost destroyed everything. Though knowing Blizzard, it won't be ever adressed.

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    Jaina video - Anduin thumbnail

    Alliance Video - Anduin thumbnail

    Horde Video - Angry Anduin and Genn thumbnail

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    I am now strongly convinced that Golden Boy, Uncle Wolf, Void Abomination and Moody Witch are blindly stupid. Seriously, who thought that walking RIGHT INTO SYLVANAS' PALACE would be a good idea? The same Sylvanas who is infamously known for employing all kind of shenanigans to get out of bad situations. They learned NOTHING from the War of Thorns.

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    Sylvanas is great, I love the character and cant wait to see what happens

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    Sylvanas is just awsome thou

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    And here I didn't think I could hate Sylvanas more lol

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    Came here for the whiny kids talking about writing as if they know or can do better.

    Was not disappointed.

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    I think the best part was Baine expressing his anger. Rest was kinda predictable. Wonder what Baine is gonna do next.

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