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    I unsubscribed during Cata but I personally loved the expansion. I thought it was great, and still hold it in high regard. For myself, I was largely a PvP player at the time, but a lot of the guys I played with went over to League to play. Admittedly, league is the superior game for player vs player, so these guys never came back to WoW and as a result I did not play WoW much again until WoD.

    Even to this day I tend to play WoW casually for a few months and then don't touch it for awhile where as in the past I was on it daily and was a very hardcore player. I think this is due to a mixture of other viable, quality, online games to play and just doing the same thing since 2005.

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    unsubbed after leveling through cata, then refunded WoD during prepatch I didnt come back to it until the hellfire citadel patch

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