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    With the shared raidlock between 25 and 10 my 25 man guild wound up collapsing as most did on my server with a lot of smaller 10 man guilds springing up as offshoots which never really had the same atmosphere or pull as a big guild. That combined with having very little to do outside of raids made me quit during dragon soul and thankfully avoid that big drought of content towards the end of the game.
    It was the first time I had ubsubbed from the game and probably changed my attitude towards WoW forever into a game I play in bursts of a few months rather than permanently.

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    I hadn't unsubbed but I stopped raiding altogether.

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    nope, i did the diablo 3 deal.
    i got screwed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loeko View Post
    Hi guys,

    I have seen a few people say that the number of players decreasing in Cataclysm was only caused by external factors (League of Legends, etc...). I personally have troubles believing that but I thought that the best way to get as close as possible to an answer would be to the ask you, the community.

    I am not creating this poll to discuss if Cata was or not the worst expansion WoW has ever had. If you want to discuss that, feel free to do so on this post :

    So, did you unsubscribe during Cataclysm? And if YES, why?

    Edit: I wanted to create a real poll but it seems like I'm a damn noob that can't figure out how to do so...
    People quit and return since Vanilla, you come to wrong conclusions from subs count.

    We have 3 periods in WoW history:

    1. Subs numbers were growing: Vanilla and BC.
    2. Subs numbers were more or less the same: WoTLK, early Cata.
    3. Subs jump on launch and sharp decrease after few weeks: MoP onwards (we don't have stats for Legion, but I can't imagine it would be different).

    So, if sub number=quality, it would mean that Vanilla, BC were the best, WoTLK, Cata mediocre and MoP, WoD, Legion bad. Yet somehow in every poll people pick WoTLK and MoP (with Legion close 3rd, even without nostalgia factor) as their favorite expansion.

    There is clear answer: in every expac we have people that: a) want to level, finish all content and switch to another game (sometimes they return for last patch to experience rest of the story), b) people that stay through whole thing (with breaks here and there of course) for more serious progression, finishing their collections or just wanting to experience it live, c) complete new players.

    Before late Cata WoW was still fresh game, so new players were largest group. Dynamic sub number in modern expansions (10 million on launch, huge drop after first raid, low point midway through, steady number until last patch, when people start returning) was completely hidden. After 6 years WoW wasn't fresh anymore and many new players picked different games (like LoL). It doesn't matter which expansion, it would happen anyway (and maybe for example WoTLK would be scapegoat for people that read into sub numbers too much).

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    Quote Originally Posted by matheney2k View Post
    What? People complained cuz the patch was literally 2 dungeons and lacked content. If you think ZG and ZA were hard idk what to tell ya lmao
    its not hard to go back and find all the complaints about the difficulty of ZA/ZG
    This isn't the same company. They are not in touch with the playerbase, they are hellbent on profit, and yea companies deserve profit, but not at the cost of the health of the game, and they became their own worst enemy. WoW was special not because of vanilla, bc, or wrath. No nostalgia here. It was special because of Blizzards involvement with the community, which is all but lost now. They changed everything into the least possible communication with the community.

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    I did but it was more to do with leaving my guild after it merged and not liking some of the new people than anything to do with the xpac.... although I do think Cata was the 2nd worst xpac after WOD.

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    yes i did


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    I did, but then I unsubbed during every expansion so that's not really due to cataclysm specifically.

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    I did.
    Reason for that was that I didn't know how to play the game as a casual, and not as a hardcore raider anymore. Life happened, and I just couldn't juggle that and a busy raid schedule ontop of it anymore. It just felt too awkward and too sad, seeing my previous fellow raiders do what I loved doing and not be able to participate in it. So I stopped playing altogether. Returned to the game and to the same guild one or two months into MoP, had no real issues with playing the game as a casual by then.

    My motivation to unsub had nothing to do with weather or not the expansion was good or not. It purely came down to personal reasons.

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    yes. that shit was the beginning of the end of WoW as we knew it before

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loeko View Post
    So, did you unsubscribe during Cataclysm? And if YES, why?
    Yes, of course... Because I unsub during every expansion... Can only do the same shit over and over so many times... Though I stayed subbed more often in Legion just for the easy gold.

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    Yes, only expansion I didn't play at all.
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    Played from vanilla to end of wrath, played about a month of WoD then came back properly from Legion onwards.

    There were a couple of good MMOs releases around the time of cata (Rift and Gw2 for me) that distracted me from WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nexellent View Post
    its not hard to go back and find all the complaints about the difficulty of ZA/ZG
    It's not hard to remember either I was playing when the patch dropped.
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    Yeah when cata launched I completed most new PvE achieves except for the raid ones, then went on a 2-3 months break. I wasn't a raider that time so there was nothing else to do for me. Came back for Firelands, then stayed. I actually like the last year of expansions, being OP and smash things and get stuff done more easily is fun for me. Plus leveling alts in OP heirlooms superfast. I mean obv. when that was a thing... :/

    (Mop was the same. Took a 2-3 month break somewhere between the first and second raid, then stayed. WoD... Pffhh. Many small breaks. Legion, mostly a break. I guess I became "The Cyclical Player" blizz wants me, and made me to be. I log in for new achieves, then I unsub and wait, because the main systems of the game don't attract me, and I refuse to participate in them such as AP and legendary chasing. So then I obv. don't raid. Or can't. But that's fine for me.)
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    Dragon Soul made me quit until Throne of Thunder which made me love the game again.
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    Yes, it was also the expansion that killed my hardcore raiding days. While I am still in that guild as a social member these days, I haven't raided with my guild since Firelands.

    I did return during MoP only to level to max level and quit again. I did return in WoD fuill time again but only as a casual player which I am to this day. I do regret not being around for MoP keep being told how great it was and I want to believe them just a shame I didnt experience the most of it the way everyone else did.
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    I usually take about 4-6 months off every expansion at some point. Cata was the expansion that I stopped being hardcore in though. Never got back into world first races and shit.

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    I unsubscribed during Cata but I personally loved the expansion. I thought it was great, and still hold it in high regard. For myself, I was largely a PvP player at the time, but a lot of the guys I played with went over to League to play. Admittedly, league is the superior game for player vs player, so these guys never came back to WoW and as a result I did not play WoW much again until WoD.

    Even to this day I tend to play WoW casually for a few months and then don't touch it for awhile where as in the past I was on it daily and was a very hardcore player. I think this is due to a mixture of other viable, quality, online games to play and just doing the same thing since 2005.

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    unsubbed after leveling through cata, then refunded WoD during prepatch I didnt come back to it until the hellfire citadel patch

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