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    Battle for Azeroth Preview - Stormsong Valley Visitor’s Guide

    The Most Popular, Successful, and Worst Cards of The Boomsday Project

    Ranked Play & Matchmaking AMA with Heroes Developers – August 9, 2018

    PremadeAutoAccept Addon
    The Group Finder has seen a number of changes over the past year, first requiring manual clicks to list or search, then not allowing addons to create groups, and finally making searching / naming groups / accepting group members manual yesterday.

    Kruithne has created an addon that restores Auto Accepting individual group applicants, as well as allowing you to only auto accept based on roles.

    Battle for Azeroth Preview - Stormsong Valley Visitor’s Guide
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Located in the northernmost region of Kul Tiras, Stormsong Valley is home to House Stormsong and the mystical tidesages. Wielding great power over the seas, the tidesages impart their blessings upon the mighty Kul Tiran fleet. Join us as we take you on a brief tour of Stormsong Valley.

    The lands of Stormsong Valley are lush with green grasses and rock-strewn rolling hills. Wildlife and plant growth thrive here, fed by the inland streams and the invigorating sea air. It is a region made rich by the harmony between both land and sea.

    Welcome to Stormsong Valley.

    As with any great mystery, you’ll need to find and follow the clues before you. Begin by taking a ferry to the Stormsong Monastery located in Boralus. Perhaps the sisters and brothers there will have more insight on the missing fleet. Thankfully, you won’t be alone for your journey. A ward of Harbormaster Cyrus Crestfall, your guide Taelia is a knowledgeable companion eager to help you get to the bottom of things in Stormsong Valley.

    The signs of the sea are everywhere in the monastery, but an itch between your shoulder blades feeds the impression that you’re unwelcome. Answers aren’t easy to come by and danger is lurking nearer than you think.

    Word from someone within the resistance is that the fleet is not truly lost but trapped by dark forces. It will be up to you to find allies within Stormsong Valley to help you root out the heart of this conspiracy and bring the fleet home. Brother Pike from the town of Brennadam in the north is one such ally. You’ll need to meet with him to find out what more he knows of the challenges you’ll face.

    The Highland Pass is the only land route into Stormsong Valley, but a blockade halts passage between Brennadam and the rest of Kul Tiras. Once you find a way through, you’ll crest the pass to take in the breathtaking sight of the land stretched out before you.

    Meet the Neighbors
    The reception you’ll receive in Brennadam isn’t a warm one despite the beauty of the surrounding town. The citizens are angry at the soldiers for seizing their harvests and failing to protect the people they are meant to serve. Brother Pike will help find the answers you seek, but each discovery is another knot in a skein that wends through this troubled land. There is more beneath the surface to be discovered, and you sense darkness waiting just out of sight.

    The further inland you go, the more apparent it becomes that the void’s corruption has burrowed deeply into the land, the wildlife, and its people. Those of able body (if not able mind) are either conscripted or manipulated into serving the tidesages and the malevolent will that commands them.

    Things to Try: A sip of Seaglide Elixir can be a great refreshment when battling void-corrupted creatures of the sea. It also gives you the ability to walk on water—for a little while. “It is said that tidesage magic allows Kul Tiran ships to glide effortlessly through the sea.” Try not to touch too many unfamiliar things unless you know what you’re getting into—though of course, the voices will insist there's nothing to fear. The Whispering Wavestaff giveth and taketh. But then again, what’s a little cost in health compared to laying out a little extra carnage?

    Under the Siege
    On the western coast, Fort Daelin is under siege by the naga. Brutes pummel the stone walls even as harpoons drive further into the walls above them. Without aid, the levee holding back the sea will plunge the fertile valley into the naga-infested depths.

    A Prickly Situation
    Emboldened by the soldiers neglecting their duties, vicious creatures have encroached on the noble people of Stormsong. Whether it’s ettin in Millstone Hamlet or the territorial quilboar, these threats will only grow more aggressive without someone to push them back.

    Monsters of the Sea
    On an island to the northeast resides the seat of power for both House Stormsong and the tidesages: the Shrine of the Storm. Its very foundations are carved into the rocky outcroppings, and the sign of the kraken adorns its ancient structures.

    Shrine of the Storm Dungeon--Spoilers Inside!
    The Shrine of the Storm is a seat of power for both House Stormsong and the tidesages. Here, blessings upon the fleet are performed to ensure that the Kul Tiran fleet knows no equals in combat. Yet, a dark force has corrupted these sacred grounds and threatens to steal control of the Kul Tiran Fleet forever.

    Difficulties: Normal, Heroic, Mythic
    Level: Alliance* 110+ (One of four level-up dungeons)

    *Available at level 120 for Alliance and Horde

    Aqu’sirr – The deeps hide many powerful secrets lost to time. A master of these waters, Lord Stormsong calls upon one of these creatures of myth to defend the sacred shrine.

    Tidesage Council – Brother Ironhull and Galecaller Faye use their power to bless the Kul Tiran ships and ensure their fleet remains unmatched on the seas.

    Lord Stormsong – Master of House Stormsong, Lord Stormsong leads the tidesages in tehri oceanic blessigns and ways. However, not all is as it seems. . . .

    Vol’zith the Whisperer – Sent by Queen Azshara to subvert the tidesages, Vol’zith whispers promises of power to those willing to listen.

    There’s a long road to take through this beautiful but treacherous land. Bringing House Stormsong back into the fold and freeing the Kul Tiran fleet are paramount to defending the kingdom against the Horde's incursion. Those brave enough to explore Stormsong Valley's vast coastlines will meet a brave, noble people who embrace the land they live in and the bountiful sea they so love.

    When you’re ready to go beyond the lands of Stormsong Valley, the stygian hills of Drustvar await to the southwest, and to the southeast lies the capital of Kul Tiras, Tiragarde Sound.
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    I wonder how long it'll take for that addon to get torn to bits. :P

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    LOL this Cat-and-mouse game between blizz and the addon authors

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    That's probably not gonna last long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishblade View Post
    I wonder how long it'll take for that addon to get torn to bits. :P
    I would not even bother as it will get nuked pretty quick.

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    Eventually the group finder is going to be trimmed down to being smoke signals from basic campfire.

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    You know what's sad? That people have to make their own addons because Blizzard is deleting things that weren't even a problem...

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    Hahaha get rekt Blizzard.

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    Honestly,with addon makers going for an arms race against Blizzard,they're just going to get tired of it and kill a bunch of commands for addons which will kill a lot of them
    the people always trying to counter every single change Blizzard makes are playing a dangerous game

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    Kruithne, also the person who brought you this amazing website:

    What a hero.

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    There is them who "create" the group and them who queue for the group. Do BOTH parties have to run this add-on for it to work?

    Indeed, I DO wonder exactly what Blizz will do... I didn't fret the changes up until they blocked paste for the group name and eliminated the auto accept entirely. Yes, I DO know that it can be a tad annoying to see members come in and out (obviously realm hoppers) but this solution is FAR WORSE than the annoyance.

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    Using that addon is against Blizzard TOS so dont!

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    I respect this addon author for being so quick to push out a workaround, but I'm almost certain this will get nerfed somehow.

    Edit: Is there a chance we can get something like OQueue back? Just completely bypass Blizz's now shitty premade group finder?
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    Its OK Blizzard will kill this addon in the next hotfix.

    Can't have Fun guys its against the EULA
    We're all newbs, some are just more newbier than others.

    Just a burned out hardcore raider turned casual.
    I had BfA Alpha. Then I had BfA Beta. Now I has BfA. Meh
    No Classic Beta. Even if I got it I probably wouldn't play.

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    Blizzard are happy to have raid finder and dungeon finder.

    but groups for world quests? no we better make that real hard.

    what the actual fuck? fuck off being stupid and finish those classes you couldn't get ready in like 9 fucking months of beta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baneleaf View Post
    I would not even bother as it will get nuked pretty quick.
    That's my guess too but I haven't really used much of these group finder addons anyway so personally I couldn't care less.

    But seeing people's reactions to the latest changes, I imagine Blizzard would do something about this addon too. No idea of the details, just a guess. :P

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    Can we just get the addons enabled again? there is nothing fun and "interactive" about manually typing shit in the group finder to do a World Quest...

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    Blizzard get rekt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ONCHEhap View Post
    Honestly,with addon makers going for an arms race against Blizzard,they're just going to get tired of it and kill a bunch of commands for addons which will kill a lot of them
    the people always trying to counter every single change Blizzard makes are playing a dangerous game
    No they aren't.

    They counter them since years, it's the risk when you open your game to addons. There's no circumvention of anything, they are legitimate addons.

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    So blizzard makes it clear that they do NOT want people automating group joining, and not only this dude thinks hes clever bypassing the limitation but this site give him free publicity?

    blizzard will not only nuke that addon, but could black list this site and you can kiss your promotional material goodbye. if there's anyone with some sense left, edit this news item and at least remove any mention of the addon. you could be getting players in trouble. have some common sense.

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