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    Underbelly noob

    Greetings. It's almost the end of Legion so I thought I'd do something I never really got into and that's the Underbelly.

    I've just started farming for the mount and this is what I've picked up so far:

    - If you're in a raid the eyes won't drop so I'm in 5 man groups
    - PvP'ing seems a faster way to get eyes (when there are actually people to pvp)
    - There are random spawn (?) bosses that seem to drop around 200 eyes.
    - I've had warmode off and can attack players. How does warmode affect groups? Does everyone have to have it on?

    That's about all I've picked up so far. I don't mind a grind but this seems really slow.

    Any tips?
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    They're not random spawn from what I've seen, You can buy items from various vendors within the Underbelly that you use to spawn these mobs/bosses, Apart from that, gogo PvP

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    Pet battles, Pvp chests and weekly quest got me mount.

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    I did mine a couple months ago, so I may confuse some things, but here are some things I did:

    -Find a group if possible.

    This might be problematic as we go into BfA because it will probably be harder and people will stop caring, but farming it solo really makes no sense. That's how the system is set up. If you solo it you will end up being eye-starved.

    -Use the wand on bosses.

    One of the NPCs sells a wand item, that can be used on bosses to make them harder and drop more eyes. Make sure to discuss this in the pug you join and if need be, educate your teammates about the existence of this feature. And yes, bosses are random, you can't spawn them.

    -Try to establish some 'justice' rules.

    Today's world, and also the community in the game is pretty much every man for himself, but if you actually try to reason with your teammates, you will find that they are likely to agree share the big chests more or less equally. Or at least allow to collect it for a member who didn't manage to get it the last couple times. Of course when the chests appear try to be the first there so you are the one who opens them first just in case.

    -If the circumstances favor you, PVP is the fastest way.

    If you make it to a group of mains, or highly geared alts, and people who know how to play in general, you can rack up some crazy amounts of eyes with PVP on. This is very luck dependant though. You may encounter other teams that just destroy you, or you may just be there alone as a team against just innocent pedestrians who come to the underbelly to buy some profession recipe or whatever. If it's the latter, you're in luck.


    I did all of it before warmode existed, but I don't think it should be different to any other situation with a group. You will most probably not see people with a different warmode setting than you.

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