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    Affliction mana?

    I don't know if I'm alone here. But I've ran out of mana several times now in open world pvp and even in some pve situations with highly hasted situations. Did they replace lifetap with something?

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    Nope, nothing to regain mana.

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    Isn't it ironic that we are NOW having mana issues when Life Tap is removed? And now we're a bit close to ask for LT back. It's shit. Fear and Drains cost way too much mana - the spec is about outlasting, yet we can't even outlast our own dots.

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    What did you do to run oom in PvE? I mean, did you cast fear for some reason?
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    They are lowering the mana cost for Fear, way too high for pvp currently, should be live within BfA launch.
    But going oom in pve situations? What were you doing? Unless you were spam casting Fear or something it's very hard to go oom.

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    He probably used drain life too much. Drain isn't supposed to be your filler in PVE.
    Thanks for the heads up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by evertonbelmontt View Post
    He probably used drain life too much. Drain isn't supposed to be your filler in PVE.
    Admittedly it was a very niche situation with extreme levels of haste. Just shadow bolt spam.
    Looking at the thread the problem seems identified. It's definitely Drain life and fear. Mana pot's only give 2,300 mana, thats only slightly more then a single fear so that's not a fix. I really hope they change this

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    Life Drain sucks the mana like a madman, guess it will only impact BG PvP to some extent though.
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    PvP utility is MEANT to be limited by mana. That's sort of the point.

    That being said, mana costs might not be quite there yet. More PvP balancing will surely come soon into the expansion.

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