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    Jester Class Concept

    Hey everyone,

    I came up with another dumb idea that will never be added by blizzard but i thought i d share it with you guys to see what y all think of it.

    So I was thinking what new classes can be added now that demon hunters are out and we wont get something new for a while. People have speculated about tinkerers and bards and necromancers which would all be very cool, however i ve never heard anyone talk about something like a jester.
    Lorewise we havent seen anything like this however so it wouldnt really be that lorefriendly but i think that adding it would be really cool.

    So this is the basic class concept. The look is kind of based off the jester from darkest dungeon. Having this mask with a carnaval-ish look is very fitting for something like this. It would probably use leather or cloth armor.

    The 3 specs that it would have would be:

    I am not gonna try actually writing a cool description of this rn cuz too lazy however the idea is that the puppeteer would use a 1 handed wep and an off hand. It would also rely on summoning many voodoo dolls that would damage the enemy. It is kind of a hybrid pet class. It would also have good cc like maybe a smaller version of mind control or things like that. We dont really have anything with dolls in wow except maybe some of the troll mojo thingys so this would be pretty cool.

    This version of the Jester would be one more focused on playing his cards right litteraly. Alot of different card abilities and maybe some dice rolls and even add something crazy like an rng slot machine that can give u huge buffs or debuffs (probs wont like that idea lol). THis would be really cool especially visual wise. Imagine having a huge 8 of spades spawn in front of your character and then getting pushed towards ur enemies or having a deck of cards spill on the head of your enemies something like blizzard but with dices or cards lmao. Also what if the gambler spec used a bow for auto attacks aswell. That way we would get another ranged spec taht uses a bow/gun.

    So this final spec is the most boring one imo. Its much more traditional in the way of being exactly a joker. He can have abilities inspired from the joker ofc like getting a gun with the little bang flag that could stun enemies. It would also be cool if this spec would deal low damage however it would also make enemies do less damage so it might be helpful in pvp or mythic+ when ur tank is slacking. Im pretty casual doe so this might be a bad idea especially when ur tryna raid and ur low on the dps meters and get kicked.

    So guys tell me what you think of this, its just for fun and so that i dont forget my ideas further on when i become game director of wow and decide to add this in the game. Give me some ideas for the Joker spec btw.

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    This game already has way too many clowns as it is, we don't need to legitimate them.

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    Jester would be something you could put under Bard as a gimmick dps specc.
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    This sounds like the makings for an April 1 announcement. Slay your opponents with your comedic abilities!

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    We already have gnomes and goblins we dont need more clowns

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    @Jester Joe

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