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    Coming back to the game as resto


    I'm a "veteran" from vanilla times and i've pretty much lost cataclysm and the legion expansions as a whole, been playing multi-class in other expansions.
    I'm currently thinking of maining resto shaman in the new expansion and was hoping for a few tips from the community.

    My first question would be about leveling: If I level my character playing elemental, do I miss some important things when I switch to resto when I'm 120? the whole artifact weapon-, and the BfA artifact necklace thing is new to me, so do I need to farm points again for the artifact when I hit max level and switch specs?

    Secondly, what do you think about resto in rated pvp right now?
    How about resto in pve compared to other healers?

    Thanks for reading!

    P.s. I know classes and specs are going to be tuned before season/raiding starts, just tell me what you feel about the spec right now, thank you.

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    In legion, you would definitely inhibit your resto spec by leveling elemental (if you put all your artifact power into your elemental weapon). If you are leveling your character through legion now that will no longer be a problem since AP is no longer a thing. In terms of BfA, as the azerite pieces are gear rather than a weapon, that also wont be a problem to switch specs. You can also respec the traits whenever you want for like virtually no cost.

    I haven't ever been big in pvp, but I think rshamans still do pretty good. I did notice that there was a serious nerf to the spirit link pvp talent today though, not sure how big that was.

    For PVE, our numbers are usually pretty average, not really excelling but doing well in progression fights or to make up for other subpar healers. As our spirit link is still amazing, we are still a required healing class for top tier raiding though. The loss of one talent w/ BfA (Ancestral Guidance) is going to seriously hurt our overall min/max ability, but too early to tell how much. Mana efficency was pretty good atleast for me in legion, didn't really go OOM often. Looking forward to seeing how we perform in the new raids.

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    Thanks for the reply, it's a relief to hear that respeccing is going to be easy in bfa.

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