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    No more classes. DHs were already completely unnecessary fanservice.

    I would be fine with 4th spec, however I think some classes it would be really forced and I am concerned Blizzard would just half-ass it. Some classes barely have 3 well-defined specs as it is

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    Dark Ranger. The game needs another mail wearer and ranged weapon wielder. Combine that with both Sylvanas and Alleria being front-and-center this expansion and with the very likely possibility that 9.0 will have a Death theme, and Dark Ranger might as well have a neon sign above it flashing "Next Hero Class Here".

    Quote Originally Posted by Moggie View Post
    We’ll know more in 2 or so years...
    We'll know by Blizzcon 2019, so in a little over a year.
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    -1- if they want to add more world pvp focused, create a 3rd faction. Due to this.. there'd be less raids.. so maybe this would be better for 10.x release, if 8 isn't as good as 7.x. (think windows releases or the pattern of wow to understand what I'm implying)
    -2- 2 faction, no new classes/combos/races/specs.... although.. Add either EQ type AdvancedAdvancement, or something like PoE but class specific, not the muddy same tree everyone gets access to. (I understand that d4 might copy it as well and might be complicated balancing all that, but idc..)
    -3- make 8.x be the first xpac to span 2 versions. make the next released xpac be 10 (windows10/osX).. and stop making xpacs, lump it into the monthly fee. People that stay in the game after the first 2-3 months, leave later due to lack of content.. don't cause a drought building something massively new and different... just add it in like modules as you get it.
    -4- take the idea in 3, and make it, instead, a separate "blade server/battlegroup".. the regular game can follow the yoyo content drop/starve technique with xpacs.. and there can be a "premium cost" 25-3 a month.. where characters are sustained/static.. in a type of beta/ptr server. You don't get wiped only the world does when problems arise. They could introduce it when they introduce vanilla.
    -5- add bard class (others have mentioned) specs can be adaptations to daoc or rift. not as powerful as eq bard, pulse based.
    -6- add a balancer type of class, i'll explain, a mixure of disc and bard.. your damage buffs those around you. increase their damage, abilities to proc, or cause everyone to passively heal.. based on their damage and on a percentage of the dps you're dishing.
    -7- momentum class.. dps/2nd tank/healer. Your actions while 'in-combat' start out crummy and build, no cooldowns though.
    -8- robot "race"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafoel View Post
    Balance in RPG is impossible by definition.

    If you think you ever balanced your RPG game, you actually successfully transformed it into action game.
    How about no?

    Balancing is anyways a definition thing, if every spec has a certain niche and is in other niches not too far below/ahead you could call it balanced.
    Every spec in Legion could raid Mythic and every class had at least a spec that you could play quite competetive in PvP for most of the xpac, for me that is pretty good balancing.

    but adding more for the sake of adding more specs/classes is just stupid.

    Necromancers? ever heard of unholy dk?
    Time/chrono guy-thing, yeah hello arcane mages..
    Darkranger is basically a marksman with emo look.
    Tinker = engineering, lul.

    This stuff is just way too vague for a new class and if you give folks a new spec everyone wants one and some will get unoriginal stupid sh't....

    Stop, it is enough, focus on existing classes and specs and make them unique to play while balanced for the most important content.

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    I think they should eliminate specs completely, and drive theorycrafters nuts.

    That sounds insane, and for some specs, the risk of similarities (hunters, rogues, warlocks stand out) is high. But you accomplish the same thing without winnowing down the characters into sharply defined specs.

    As a Mage, I’d like the idea of mixing in various types of spells; Arcane Explosion and Blizzard would be more fun AOE options for a fire Mage than the splash damage that was added so we wouldn’t be aoe weak sisters, and the occasional Flamestrike procs.

    I think for tank classes, it fits the class fantasy that a DPS plate wearer can save a group if the tank falls. Not to mention the efficiency.

    I can imagine that being very unpopular, and it’s really just a concept, not something I think absolutely needs to be done.

    I’d like the idea of a 4th spec, but for some classes, it’s a reach. Demon Hunters, for example, would get a healing spec and a pet DPS spec, paladins could get a ranged DPS spec...but I wonder how much of those things actually improve the game, and how much would just be, well, everyone needs 4! Not to mention the development time to create 12 new specs, which would be the equivalent of 3 new classes at once.
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    I think we will get new race/class combinations in BfA. For the next expansion, I would like to see a combination of 4th specs and new classes. Although I dont think it would be a problem for Blizz to just add the two and add another race for each faction.
    4th specs could give many players who like to play a certain class something new for it (for example someone who played a mage since vanilla).
    As for a new class I think there are good points for Tinker, I also read some good ideas for Necromancer (though I personally would prefer it to be a 4th (range) spec for the Death Knight) but I personally would prefer the Blademaster (probably the best way would be orcs and draenei only). Since the Demon Hunter works pretty good with two specs, I can see a lot more possibilities for hero classes. If Blizz stops to tie the hero classes to the expansion theme, and maybe just to a content patch, there could be a lot more classes. And since I think that it does not matter how many classes are in the game, I am all for new ones. Blademaster, to me, is just one iconic class I really would love to see in the game. The template of Samuro in HotS is pretty good, and could be used as a start to create a wow class. Also Samuro could be a good class representative in the lore, since he still is not in the game.
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    if i read tinker one more time

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