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    Yeah... it's not balanced. As Alliance I've been ganked non stop since I started this morning by groups of horde, and I've seen maybe 3-5 other Alliance players.

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    I went almost 2 days before I even saw an enemy horde player. <Shadowong-NA>

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    Yesterday I solo pvped in drustvar for 4-5 hours, as alliance. I'm from outland, an alliance heavy former pvp server. Not sure if that means anything, but in drustvar alliance was always outnumbered by horde.

    In like 9 out of 10 fights that started for me as 1v1 and ended with more people involved, it was me being outnumbered by horde. I mean you could think that the chances are 50/50 that either a friendly player walks by or a hostile player does, but no, it's always another horde player that randomly appears.

    It's still great fun, especially hunting and catching these players in a clean 1v1 minutes later...

    Another thing I noticed, people don't conplain for being attacked and killed multiple times... not one of my oponents did spit on me, these things happened frequently in previous expansions. I guess they know: war mode is war mode and it's a choice THEY are responsible for.
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    Completely done with War Mode as of today. I like world PvP, and every time I come upon a rare 1v1 or even a 1(me)v2, I have a blast killing them.

    What's not fun is phasing into a world quest area and being placed on a shard with 20-30 Horde and not a single Alliance player. The workaround I have to do every time (after being ganked 1v10) is joining an Alliance group in group finder to force a shard change. Then I usually end up on one with zero Horde.

    Sharding tech is fucking busted broken, not fit for purpose, and it's the reason Alliance players are just turning this shit off.
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    think of warmode as a 10% present from blizz to horde players

    although i too wonder if it's simply a population issue, or a sharding issue
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    Probably it's a NA thing, on eu server i don't see this problem

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    EU has been predom alliance for much longer time. where as in NA it goes in cycles

    when NA was complaining about horde ruling ladder due to racials in CATA, then MOP, etc, and horde nerfs rolled over and over. in the same periods EU alliance factions where ruling the ladders. and EMFH rolled on untouched....most QQ'd racial until current expacs. still removes like 16 stuns in game.....WOTF only removes 3 fears...they are more it does not work on.

    blizz.s continued horde nerfs has had a bad effect actually for the alliance, it that more and more horde roll orcs for the stun reduction. with the latest BE nerfs lots of warlocks, mages, have switched to orc....which may be got for activison/blizz money wise. PVP wise word is out roll orc, druid/pal high mountain tauren or old school tauren.
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    In EU realm, the horde ignore us and we ignore them. They are quite a few now. In some hubs there may be some rumble but overall nothing dramatic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkz View Post
    when NA was complaining about horde ruling ladder due to racials in CATA, then MOP
    the horde have had OP racials since launch, what are you smoking?
    void elves and lightforged draenei are first two to ever come close to competing in dps, meanwhile highmountain tauren bring yet another OP farming racial to the horde that multiplies the amount of meat and fish you get.

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    Problem is that more Horde just use Warmode than Alliance. It's never going to be balanced. The good part for the Alliance is that they can form a pvp raid party any time and there will always be horde to hunt down. Meanwhile, I'm still sitting at 2/10 for my war effort because I can't find any Alliance to kill.
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