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    How do you handle ragers in mythic plus group?

    Not talking about pugs but friends or guildies.

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    Stop grouping with them, if they ask why, tell them.
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    Sure fire way I have found is never to do mythics

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    If its ragers key, I just leave.
    If someone elses, I keep quiet to finish the run.

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    We don't have ragers in our guild m+ runs.

    However in pugs I keep quiet until completion and then tell people they Suck, IF they deserve it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avskildhet View Post
    Not talking about pugs but friends or guildies.
    Like you would resolve any other conflict in real-life. You talk to them.

    Preferably face to face and ask them to think about their behavior. It's a game. It's supposed to be fun. Quite often with friends and family type of groups, your gameplay goals don't align, some want to be serious and others don't care and just want to yolo for an hour or two. This creates conflicts because you're essentially trying to put together people who have extremely different goals and ambitions.

    It's probably a good idea to figure out what kind of ambitions each of you have, because this is often the root cause for "drama". Everyone needs to be in on the "purpose" of you grouping.

    If talking doesn't help and they can't get over begin angry in vidya games, then you remove them from the guild/group and explain their in-game behavior is making everyone else feel bad/have bad time.
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    Is it an officer? I'd probably find a new guild, since I doubt stuff like that doesn't occur in raids or the overall atmosphere is all that pleasent. If it's just a normal guildie, I'd probably just stop grouping with him. If it's a friend, I'd tell him to chill or to "stop whining, dude". If it keeps happening I'd probably stop grouping with them aswell. Granted that I'm in a priveledged position, since I have a tank/healer friend and play it myself on occasion. It's a different story when the person doing the raging is the tank, ofcourse.

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