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    Around 75 dig sites, got all rares and missing 4 pristine artifacts. Once I get those I'll probably have hit the 100 dig site achievement and won't care anymore.

    The trinkets have helped a lot since I've leveled 3 tanks to 120 and working on a 4th. The item level and extra stamina help for leveling.

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    I really hope that they are useful since I am exerting effort just to get these artifacts. And just like all of you I am starting to get frustrated with playing this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazuchika View Post
    They should have kept the bi weekly quests in from Legion.

    Like I don't get it. Legion arch was probably the best spot it had ever been in (I realize that isn't saying much) but holy shit it's so lame again. I liked being able to just skip weeks and focus on specific zones instead of being back to this bullshit of "oh finished this one oh hey look the next one is halfway across the fucking world and we can't fly"
    Yeah waiting for what, 6 months? for Echiro is so great. No thanks. Also imagine doing Legion archaeology right now. You have to be subbed for MONTHS just to be able to complete the achievement. It's not like the rewards would be any good besides echiro, so there's that too. Time gating for crappy nonrewards. Pinnacle of game design /s.
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    Blizzard caring less and less about lore is reflected in the profession that is all about lore.
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    Thoes of us who grinded all pristine in MOP and so on just happy it easier now...I had to do 1.3k solves for all MOP pristines....sucked ass.
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    I'm definitely not pleased with Arch this expansion. It's still basically the same it's always been, but I personally liked the arch quests Legion had. If they could shuffle the quests around more frequently instead of how long they took in Legion I'd love to have them introduce a similar system for BFA. Fat chance, I know, since it seems like they're trying to phase arch out, but one can hope.

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    There is arch loot for bfa? sorry i havent checked did they added items?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zigrifid View Post
    There is arch loot for bfa? sorry i havent checked did they added items?
    IIRC they did, but idk for sure...I'm gonna wait till flying crap come back so i can arch the hell out to see what good shit they brought into this. It gets tiring after 100's digsite plus dealing random bugged aggro bs.

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    This may not be the right thread, but I'll try anyways.

    I've recently wanted to get back to archeology, haven't done anything with it as a profession since MoP maybe. I used to use the Archy add-on, but it appears to be in a complete rebuild at the moment. What other archeology add-ons do you guys use and what functionality do they offer?
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    Is anyone else missing Headmaster/Mistress archaeology title mine is gone.
    I'm gonna let 'em know that Dolemite is back on the scene! I'm gonna let 'em know that Dolemite is my name, and fuckin' up motherfuckers is my game!

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