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    Why guess? These are just talents placed in items in order to force you every (not even expansion, but a new its) stage supplement them over and over again for all eternity How should this be done correctly? Untying these "class talents" from items and modes (PvP talents) and return them to characters. "Separation" decision indicates their unwillingness/incompetence in try to balance/bring to a common denominator (at least somehow) situation with classes, and hence with game as a whole+.

    Everything is simple

    Do I think this system is stupid? - Yes, of course, this is already evident from what is written above. Should they change it? - A complex question, depends on their goals (time/money/quality) and abilities. I'm afraid that they aren't able to realize something of real quality, so everything can turn out even worse

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    Probably that's why I never liked sets' idea. They were more or less (not always, but) sane for PvP (since not much reinforced character, but stuff that's given was simply necessary for banal survivability, they gave you stats and characteristics or universal cross-class bonuses and hence were easily replaceable), but last sane PvE bonuses were probably on Classic's beginning... well, they motivated to grow at least, because it was raiding elite privilege and now it's available literally to everyone and since now - even tradable... It's funny that devs switch off all previous sets, broke legendary items and artifacts (which together were rudiments of Azerite Armor), and now you have "some kind of separate talent system" (integrated into items?). A little more and you'll going to have Horadric Cube and rune words
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    Quote Originally Posted by EyelessCrow View Post
    Yeah the illusion of choice when you pick every single artifact train was totally "interesting"
    It isn't about choice. No where did I even mention choice. It's about character growth in an RPG. I actually dislike the choice BS and prefer a system where you unlock everything. Choice is an illusion because there will always be a 'best choice' making your choice not matter.

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