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    Yes, higher skill increases chance of catching fish, along with putting on a fishing rod in your weapon slot which is a very common rookie mistake. Seriously put on a fishing rod.

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    Just effin do it if you like it, or don't if you dislike it. What's so complicated about this concept?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr chub View Post
    Haven't ready been able to find a response googling so figured I would ask it here. In past expansions I fished a loot and managed to obtain a fully fishing plus set. With legion I changed characters and I'm wondering if fishing skill still has any bonuses beyond not being reliant on pools as much.

    Does it give any tangible benefits to having a fully overcaped fishing skill in bfa?
    yes it does

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubster20038 View Post
    yes it does
    Answering a 3-year old banned account?

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