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    BFA Priest Guides & Resources

    Simulator Resources

    Ask Mr Robot
    Difficulty Level: Beginner
    Description: Want 90% of the benefit of mastering Simcraft, but only want to push 1 button to get there? AMR is made for you. It costs money for full features though.

    Difficulty Level: Intermediate
    Description: Want almost all the power of Simcraft without installing files and learning to program? Use raidbots - it's Simcraft in the clouds.

    Simulation Craft
    Difficulty Level: Advanced
    Description: The original and the most powerful, but requires the most technical knowledge to master. It contains the secrets of the universe, but is prone to being misinterpreted.

    Data Analysis Tools

    Warcraft Logs
    Difficulty Level: Intermediate
    Description: Warcraft Logs is the premier data tool for all classes and content in WoW. It provides verbose data of every recorded encounter.
    Here are three beneficial ways to use Warcraft Logs:

    1. Class Performance Statistics
    Description: Shows how classes perform relative to one another. Use the dropdown menus at the top to customize results.

    2. Top Shadow Performances (Example: Taloc)
    Description: Shows the DPS, talents, trinkets, and azerite traits of the top performers for a given fight. Click a name to see how they personally performed.

    3. Cast Sequence of a Top Shadow Performance
    Description: Shows a timeline of spells they cast to achieve that DPS.

    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Description: Wipefest pulls your Warcraft Logs data and structures your guilds encounters into a timeline which allows you to quickly and easily analyze what went wrong during a fight. It's very useful if a progression fight becomes a roadblock.


    Have more resources or sections you think should be included?
    Let me know below!
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