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    how about warmode ALWAYS ON?

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    On. Always. Never gonna turn you off, never gonna let you down

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    Horde - Realmpool ->

    Had it on during the level phase during the first ~week but once i got into world quests i decided to turn it off. I still have it on for leveling on alts but I decide that on a der per day basis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Druitz View Post
    Because of better rewards, title, achievements? There are 3 reasons to enable it. I am playing in alliance and died like 4 times since bfa release with war mode enabled so it's worth.
    10% extra reward will never account for repair bills..
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    I already leveled 3 toons to 120 (Rogue, Mage, Hunter) as Alliance, always with WarMode on. I don't think the experience is that bad. Occasionally I also behave aggressive towards others, even if it slows down my leveling. It's fun to see how horde and alliance players get along... until one starts to be a "dick" and disturbs the walk in the park for everyone :-D.

    Regarding WQs, yes, there's often an endless influx of horde players but it's still doable. They are often non aggressive, unless there's an assassin with them.

    If it's a quest to kill an elite mob, we'll that's a bit more tricky. Here I usually need to wait a bit or make a group (which is also waiting) to wipe the horde.

    I never thought that I should turn WM off, and I'll never do it, because WM is fun, even with these unbalanced numbers.

    I don't know... people just cry too much, or it's these PvE players, that are used to 100% winning. The extra rewards of "WM On" dragged PvE players into PvP, and these guys are used to 100% winning, cause that's what non Raid and non Mythic PvE is about, can't lose there! PvP focused players are used to permanently also losing in some situations. Even in random Battlegrounds it's just 50% win ratio. That's unheard of in the lower tiers of PvE, so these "PvE only guys" aren't mentally prepared for WM On.

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    my warmode is on all the time, do i pvp ? no.

    ive turned it on for the extra rewards but if some alliance kid wants to kill me i just stand still and let it happen because world pvp sucks ass and its never 1 on 1 so whats the point

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    Only turn it off if I don't have time to deal with potentially being ganked while doing WQs.

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    Never even turned it on. I play games for PVE, cause I usually suck at PVP.

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    As Horde, always on.

    Almost only advantages in playing with it on. Thanks to Horde outnumbering Alliance by a large margin, I've only died 2 times. While that's bad, I get a rather big DPS boost from the PvP talents (Enhancement Shaman), so world quests are rather quick. Most ignore the other faction completely, anyway. They just want to get the WQ's completed and move on to something else.

    The 10% more AP is nice too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XMD View Post
    It's always on, from 110 to 120 and beyond (Alliance).

    I'm wondering what it looks like with WM off, does Alliance then greatly outnumber the Horde?

    I'd also vote to entirely remove this option from the game. There's also no "PvE threat mode off" option, if I'd like to move through the world and instances without having those mobs disturbing my gaming experience...
    If I do wq and or any other kill something quest with wm off I see at least 8 alliance on it. Easy elemental kill absorb azerite farming. They kill those big elites in huge groups they are everywhere, I just go in throw my weapon, or pull the other elites to them. they are like zergs. zerging everything lol. WM off as i said, I have no idea w m on.

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    Alliance main but have horde alt, momma aint raise no coward i stays widduh warmode

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    Alliance player here
    Had it on for levelling and still have for alt levelling. On max level chars I turn it on for the occasional raids (player hunting) but it's off for everything else.
    Don't want to die three times getting into a m+ after being summoned there.

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    Alliance WM always on, I like open PvP, getting gangbanged is always a possibility but w/c. Got enough times to play WoW.

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