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    If I come back to BFA now, how long to get decent Ilvl from PVP

    with around 4-5 hours of play a day (alliance)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mich4el View Post
    with around 4-5 hours of play a day (alliance)
    Havent really played since wrath.

    Returning wow pvper here aswell.. i am lost in this new expansion lol... i barely play one hour a day and would like to know the best way to get gear on a frish 120 paladin..

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    Couple of days depending on your RNG. I played to 1800 in about 2-3 hours and got
    360 gloves, 360 boots, 360 ring, 360 cloak and the 345 wpn from conq cap.
    So if you play 4-5 hours a day, combined with the weekly conq item and the pvp chest, you will be set in no time.

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    You will get tona of blue items from boxes at around 325 ilvl for playing rated + 1 item for every 500 conquest currently you can get 2 + random epic drops.

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    If you can just do Warfronts all day and pretend it's PvP you'll gear up pretty quick my dude

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