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    Horde has reached 100 on blizz official leaderboards, and Alliance is at 12. Very amusing.
    Yup. I did some Guesswork, and the keyword of that is Guess, but by having a look at wowprogress the time the 100th Alliance guild gets their kill around 480 guilds in total would of killed mythic G'huun.
    Khadgar: Prepare to heroically CTRL-E through the portal with me!

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    yeah wow cool..how about raising the valor cap consider WoD isn't that far away? 1000 valor points gets u a lollipop and kick in the nutsack these days! Back in my day we could get a bucket of candy and a pet ferret with that sort of points!
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    Our tanks are Druid and warrior.. which is the worst atm, how far behind will we be in progress because of this?
    Currently on ZekVoz and I can see that mass grip would’ve been superior to have.
    Zek'voz / Vectis can be killed without much class requirements. So at the moment I wouldn't worry really. By the time you get to the problematic bosses for tanks you'll have craploads of extra stats, reorigination array and so forth.

    What's gonna choke you more than the tank setup is:
    - do you have 9-10 ranged for fetid at the very least?
    - do you have tons of rogue alts for Zul? (stack 7 rogues and it's piss easy, 2-3 and you're in for a challenge, no idea if anyone did it with less than 2)

    Then mythrax is a challenge but the biggest one is again bench all the melee except 3-4 maybe, and get knockback classes for freeing people.

    Tbh until mythrax I think you'll be fine with your tank setup, fetid might be a bit sketchy, never seen a warrior take thrashes on mythic so probably warrior on boss and druid on thrash duty (no, the other thrash).

    Zek'voz is mostly a test if people can position themselves properly. Vectis similar, plus it checks whether your healers can actually heal. Tbh these 2 bosses are actually the best designed ones in Uldir as they're challenging, but don't revolve around class stacking. Everything after that is your coven / fallen avatar "bring the class not the player". Everything before is the entry bosses without anything super special going on in them.

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    And guilds outside the top 100 are still getting Hall of Fame achievements.
    Wowhead say the "rule" is guilds can still get the achievement until reset, they just don appear in the Blizzard page. Seems kinda fair to me.
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