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    If you think this is bad it means you havent played wotlk.

    The amout of CC was insane. Roots, slows, roots, slows 10 sec polymorps. Mage could stack like 7 debuffs on you and GL on dispelling it as hpala.

    Also warriors were playing with healers like rshaman without dispell and still they managed to get high ratings. What you play now is demo of wotlk CC so you can't complain because even as warrior your uptime is insane good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyeh View Post
    that really has nothing to do with a class being designed like dogshit

    and it appears to me that you have a reading comprehension problem

    spell reflect is a high skill ability that is only useful some of the time. why would you drop pvp talents that are useful all of the time for something that maybe might be useful some of the time? why would you pick an ability that actively makes you weaker if it cannot make a big enough difference when used to make up for the loss of the other talent?

    i will not talent spell reflect unless i am doing 3s because that is literally the only place in the game where it is useful. it's pretty bad design to take an ability that can be juked/outplayed and make it a talent. as it stands, pummel has a similar skill dynamic to spell reflection but pummel is way more powerful because it's not garbage. it also makes the talent very difficult to get value out of for people who don't know how to use it because they don't know what to use it on or where to use it.

    for example, i can spell reflect cyclone vs mage/resto druid, but it won't matter because i will just get kited when i swap. i can spell reflect polymorph, but it will just heal the mage to full and the druid has enough self sufficiency to keep me busy for 8 seconds.

    so it doesn't matter because it never mattered and you were going to lose anyway. you even manage to get a mage close to death in this comp and they pull out their second life with the ice block. it's literally that kiddie pool bullshit that's a waste of everyone's time. you don't even get anything for almost winning, all you get is a waste of time. so play the game for 5 minutes to see if anyone is retarded and leave if you haven't won by then.

    and that is shit game design.
    Spell reflect was just an example, the logic also applies to avatar, bladestorm and any other anti-cc abilities, they are supposed to give you a small edge in a fight not be an auto-win button.

    Again, your example is terrible, you are complaining that you can't fight two hard counters at the same time by yourself and yet you think this is bad game design. In the class that is historically know for having huge damage, but being easier to control! Also, in this example you gave, what class would by itself stop a druid / mage?

    I am not sure what you want to be different, but again appears you are whining because your class does not have the highest damage in the game, CC and be impossible to control and able to beat any classes 2 vs 1 when they are doing what they should to counter you.
    I may not be an overachiever, but my Druid is richer than half of Venezuela.

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    Entitled crybaby detected

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    Arms main and arms is one of the best dps spec for pvp right now if not the best. We are getting nerfed every week and rightfully so because of how OP we are. I am being honest if you are having trouble in pvp as arms then the problem is with you. It seems like you do only casual pvp so for that fury might be a better choice. Also people are right cc was way worse in MoP. But I agree that for certain classes and comps cc is getting out of hand.

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