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    I think the idea behind templates were good, however the way they locked us into stats you may not want for a specific build wasnt good.
    If they wouldve let us perhaps choose what stats to focus on say a prio system I wouldve been more than fine with it.

    I dont think its too bad now either, I just leveled up my first alt. Entered 3s as a 290 ilvl Hunter, I had around 75k hp in total. I dont recall ever being roflstomped by anything. As for now my Hunter (which have done a total of 5 dungeons) is 350, quite behind on HoA levels but thats on me for not doing anything on it
    I agree with you.The implementation of the templates was bad.There are other MMOs who use the same system but doing it better than Blizzard.Such MMO is GW2.They have similar system to templates but your stats is NOT locked.So you have a choice in what build are you playing.What blizzard tried to copy and failed miserably with the templates is exactly this.THe lack of choice in the build you want to play.

    Farming ilvl is not what makes the PvP what it is.In Arena you have anyway the needed ilvl so you can farm the titles,mounts and the most important thing RATING.Farming gear for ilvl is just outdated mechanic,which GW2 showed perfectly how to make it redundant.
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