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    lol, proof blizzard is just money grabbing shills at this point.

    the great company is just heading the way of EA, it's not about what games you make it about the profit margins nothing more.

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    Although I'm hoping the increased price means that it'll include BOTH a mount and pet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayvio View Post
    and still no word on what the in-game pet is? though for £35 I can't even see a giant murloc mount being worth the cost
    ok maybe a giant murloc mount
    I love this post.
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    Not gonna buy it this year, a big fat pass. 30 euro was already too much, 10 euro more? Blizzard, please.

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    Can't wait to see what kind of Horse I get from it.

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    I mean for those of us using Bnet it is likely cheaper than it would have been months ago with the price drop in gold for tokens. I still don't like the 10 dollar price increase, the stuff 'added' does not justify it.

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    So this one costs 10 more dollars then last year's virtual ticket but it also includes a $10 discount on a goodie bag?

    Coincidence I think not

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    Uh QA fail for the goodie bag.

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    Hmmm, WoD upped the price and ended up being a piece of shit expansion, i wonder if this blizzcon will follow that pattern

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    I only play WoW so the WoW goodies better be good. I still regret not getting the one that year they gave out the flying multi seat mount.

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    i know they are releasing the virtual ticket reward over the weeks ahead but they could at least say what it will much to ask i guess

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    That is way to high for price for that i better be getting a in game flying mount and a damn good pet and stuff for other games also.
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    Just a reminder that the opening ceremony with all the new announcements has always been free in the past and presumably will be again.

    I don't think I would get my $50 out of it unless the in-game loot is particularly amazing this year.

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    Put out a broken game for 50$, dont fix it and instead make your own advertising stream even more expensive. Seriously 50$ for like 10 hours of in-depth advertisement is ridiculous. Yeah you kinda pay for the goodies but then at least make the stream free. It works with Q&As.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleccybubb View Post
    Why is it £10 more than last year?

    And 10 dollars as well?

    Seriously what justifies the higher cost than last year?
    If they are sincere about "every panel, every stage, and every amazing moment" then it'd mean needing more camera crews because in the previous years there were always some things that were left off of the digital stream and we're left to watch poor quality bootleg recordings on youtube like peasants.

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    When I bought the goodie bag, it was the reduced price, even though I haven't bought the virtual ticket yet. I assume it's some kind of bug because I had a virtual ticket last year and it's counting toward this year's discount or something. Anyone else get this or did I just get lucky?

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    It's £34.99 for the UK

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    The in-game goodies will be faction-themed this time.
    The Alliance will get a pet Kul Tiran Horse, that lols at you when you click it. It will feature 5 different colors of which one is randomly selected upon summoning it!
    The Horde will get a pet-Brutosaur, that can be clicked to open the Auction House. This special Brutosaur will also stand upright and have golden eyes.
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    even star citizen fans didn't put up with this shit, but i bet activision-blizz fans will and they are counting on it

    all the way to the balls, just like blizz likes it. don't gag now, ya here?

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    lmfao £35 for the privilege of receiving a sales pitch and not having to wait 10 minutes of seeing it for free on youtube?

    oh rite, in game trash too, yeah thats totally worth it....

    i miss the 90s and early and mid 2000s when blizzard at least managed to keep up the pretense of not being a shameless bloodsucking vampire. think ill just buy and replay P5 ultimate for my ps4, cause at least ill be able to do something with that beyond this weekend.

    honestly, you are literally a mug of you think paying £35 for a glorified marketing event is a worthwhile investment.

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    This is Blizzards way to see how much money they can squeeze from customers before attendance drops off. then they will go oops and drop the price to try and lure people in again.

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