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    Don't be obtuse. Of course it's fucking subjective. 50 bucks is a lot for a ticket if you don't think it's worth 50 bucks. 50 bucks isn't much for a ticket if you think it's worth the 50 bucks. So yes, being able to afford 50 bucks and the value of the product offered by worth your 50 bucks are two completely different things.

    "50 bucks is too much" does not equal "I can't afford it".
    "50 bucks is too much" is not a valid argument. I am glad we agree and can both move on.

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    Should I rather make a new thread asking for insights AFTER we already know how it went here and risk another “thread necro to drive the _I told you so!_ home” infraction or just make a new thread linking to this one ... choices choices
    It’s another _I told you so!_ related to recent Blizz activity for me, so I think I’ll go with a simple single necro this time.

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    Lots of people were streaming it on twitch this year too. Saw even twitch staff in the viewer lists, but those streams didn't disappear anywhere, lol.

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