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    We are the only classe that can't use a defensive when cc, ok, we can use Disengage when root if talented.
    Defensive Pets Shieldwall can be used while stunned, feared ( aslong the pet isnt feared aswell ) and while poly'd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tharkkun View Post
    There's half a dozen bosses where the pet can't even enter the room because it gets stuck on the floor in the doorway. Have fun on the last boss in Siege of Boralus as well. Your pet can't walk to the other half of the platform...

    You can no longer set your pet to passive to fix when it's stuck. It must be dismissed/resummoned. Pet's pathing has also completely changed as they are following new paths in dungeons. I witnessed this going back to BRF and HFC.

    You don't need to dismiss your pet on Mythrax...

    - - - Updated - - -

    It was definitely OP. I won a few 3 v 1 battles where I had no business even killing one person. They may have gone a tad overboard but we'll see.
    Must be a hunter pet thing I guess. I play demonology and don't have these issues but for Taloc's room before the pull

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    What was nerfed? the 5% dam or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrewtheimmortal View Post
    What was nerfed? the 5% dam or what?
    quite a lot of things, basically reduced overall damage by about 20% in pvp

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