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    18% nerf to pet damage in PvP is going into the patch today.

    PvP lovers, are you switching to Surv? Is there still hope to do competitive burst now?
    BM will have no damage, I've been surv since legion tbh its a great spec in pvp

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    *Fixed a bug where Beast Mastery specialization could do damage in pvp.

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    I'm SV and been playing it since legion in pvp, and now pve. This nerf to BM is bad. Even after the first nerf I would basically ignore the hunter pet, stay on the hunter, and the BM hunter = dead. With this 18% nerf on top of the 30% nerf, your talking a near 2% from a 50% nerf in damage. No buff's to the hunter other damage abilities means BM will be right back in the bottom of the trash heap just as it was in legion.

    It makes me wonder who is actually doing these tests when they decide to nerf specs this way. I guess that team has not bothered to look at the other specs that will role over most in pvp or that you need a raid to kill a priest...

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