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  • Where are you my love? I Neeeeed youuuu!

    95 32.09%
  • An illusion...what are you hiding?

    25 8.45%
  • A turtle made it to the water!

    74 25.00%
  • Suffer mortals as your pathetic magic betraaaaaaaaays you!

    66 22.30%
  • I want to see your limbs roasting

    7 2.36%
  • You dare look upon the host of souls?!

    4 1.35%
  • [Shrill Female Blood Elf Laugh]

    19 6.42%
  • Bonestoooooorm

    6 2.03%
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    Blood Elf Female : “For the glory of Quel’thalasssssss”

    The only line to ever make me physically cringe irl

  2. #122
    The line from the turtle cunt or the emo huntard "what have you sacrificed?!" whinging during legion. That annoyed me probably more than legendary drop rates..

  3. #123
    I played WoW more than a decade and never once had game sounds enabled. Regardless of this, I still have "An illusion..." burned into my memory from all the shitty Suramar questing Legion forced me to do. Ugh.

  4. #124
    I chose "Suffer, mortals...". Honorary mention to every line from any screeching female dragon boss in Legion (which are all the same voice actress, I think).

  5. #125
    ''For the Horde''


  6. #126
    Did you guys forget this gem?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    This game clearly has some kind of supernatural hold on people. Not only do people still play it, but some people who don't play it still want to come on to the forums and spend their time talking about it!


  7. #127
    “For the Alliance”

    Can it become more faceroll, for the Horde was a good line when the Alliance start to say it aswell made it sound stupid.

  8. #128
    How the hell has nobody mentioned Sharkbait?! Whoever recorded that line either didn't do the whole line in order, or has never heard a "sorry, not sorry" joke before. The joke should go "...sharkbait sorry, SORRY YOU SMELL LIKE..." but instead it's spoken like " ...sorry. Sorry, YOU SMELL LIKE...", like how do fuck that up so bad?

  9. #129
    Don't know why it's not on the list. I think the most annoying line was from Upper Blackrock Spire with Warlord Zaela. "MY BLADE WILL END YOUUU!" spam x_x

  10. #130
    My name is Shaw... Mathias shaw..... Man it sounds lame!

  11. #131
    Definitely, "Where are you my love? I Neeeeed youuuu!"

    I was really hoping Saurfang would finish the job.

  12. #132
    Any line by Khadgar and/or Illidan in Legion. jesus fucking christ, I'm glad those are over!
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    Nothing is worse than that damn dragon in ICC, nothing. I smile every time I get to her because she doesn't live long enough to spout that crap anymore.

  14. #134
    "I've sacrificed everything! What have you've given?!" Would be. Voted for cringy belf fem laugh.

  15. #135
    Why is "Drink my blood and choke on it!" not in the poll!?!??!

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