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  • Where are you my love? I Neeeeed youuuu!

    137 31.79%
  • An illusion...what are you hiding?

    34 7.89%
  • A turtle made it to the water!

    103 23.90%
  • Suffer mortals as your pathetic magic betraaaaaaaaays you!

    103 23.90%
  • I want to see your limbs roasting

    9 2.09%
  • You dare look upon the host of souls?!

    8 1.86%
  • [Shrill Female Blood Elf Laugh]

    30 6.96%
  • Bonestoooooorm

    7 1.62%
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    Quote Originally Posted by QueenKaze View Post
    She was the first one that came to mind for me but then I was thinking about that stupid Grummle on the Yak mount.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmoccc27ce22f2 View Post
    This thread is so weird.

    The Sindragosa line was always considered one of the greatest voice-acting jobs in WoW, and nobody event mentioned "CITIZENS OF DALARAN".
    Oh good call! That speech is absolutely HORRIBLE. Listen to the content of it and it's utter nonsense. First time I heard it I concluded that some intern from junior high must have written it. Then I felt bad for insulting junior high students. It's brutal.

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    /run PlaySoundFile("Sound/Creature/Malfurion_Stormrage/VO_703_Malfurion_Stormrage_37.ogg")
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    GrauauaAHAUUAHAUAHhauha! Skyreach!

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    "slow down" Bitch I just logged in. How about you slow down telling others to slow down.

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    Add anything Ban-lu says, especially if its about hozen and buttercream pie.

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    The death scream of Auriaya in Ulduar cringe every time

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    There's a combat crit sound made by female Lightforged Draenei that sounds like a poorly modulated chicken screeching. Roll a paladin, use HoR and you'll hear it. I've never been able to find it in the game files. The only solution is to talent HoR out, or delete your character.

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    The highmountain female tauren. You know the one.

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