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    I feel like they could nerf Hardiness to 10%, maybe 15%. Saying that as a guy with only orcs. I want to swap to Mag'har but their racials suck. Maybe if their dps active gave your highest secondary and a little more stats.
    Trust me, I hate being hard-locked into races because of PVP racials too. Being free to finally play something other than human is extremely refreshing and revitalized the Alliance side of PVP. Horde side, I'm very glad that BEs were finally nerfed, but with the Orc racial as strong as it is there is absolutely no real option if you want to push top tier PVP for most classes/specs.

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    Is there an alliance race that seems comparable to the horde racials?

    Feels like you still want to be an Orc over everything else.

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    The Human racial pretty much went from First to Worst.

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