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    Arrow Don't let the bad make you forget the good.

    BfA has many great elements, just some flawed execution. I think the good is getting lost by many who are focused on the bad.

    What I like:
    • Dungeons and M+
    • Uldir
    • Drustvar
    • Nazmir
    • Most of the zones, to some degree
    • Art
    • Music
    • Cinematics
    • Jaina's character arc
    • Bwon'samdi

    The Blizzard art department has never been better, with beautiful zones, perhaps their best ever soundtrack, and amazing cinematics. Kudos! The story developers are also doing well, creating controversy, but then really delivering with character development.

    What needs improving:
    • War Mode
    • War Fronts
    • Island Expeditions
    • Azerite Armor

    Loot has always been a treadmill, but the azerite system throws that treadmill in our face by having us continually grind AP to keep the same traits we already had. Island Expeditions and War Fronts are exciting for the potential shown by their new AI - they could do so much with better AI for NPCs! But at present this feels like potential in need of better execution. In both cases what's missing is a reason to challenge ourselves. Still, imagine if more NPC mobs in world content used this AI to behave as if they were more alive? Could be game changing! War Mode created/returned a sandbox feel to the game... for about 10 days. Then it became more about organized gank squads camping world quests. Perhaps this will die down as fewer players care about world quests. I really enjoyed WM those first 10 days, but eventually (as Alliance) joined everyone else I know in turning it off so I could get stuff done. I only use it now long enough to group up for weekly pvp quest.

    Remember it's a game. Have a beer buff. Chill.

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    I've thoroughly enjoyed War Mode, but I'll agree on the other things. Specifically:

    -slightly increase the chance of island expeditions special loot
    -maybe a doubloon item that allows you to summon a friend across the island? I've had issues with people dying then not being able to make it back to the group.

    -either making it so azerite armor drops with the ability to unlock most of its traits right off the bat, or tweaking scaling. As is, if you upgrade to higher ilevel azerite items you can't use the traits on, the mobs scale to your ilevel then beat you to a pulp.

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    Depressing seeing that all the new features are what needs work. Hopefully they fix it, and dont decide to bail on it. I think azerite gear is really cool, just poorly executed.

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    But but but, guys! The same 60 seconds of music looped over and over and over and over and over is AWESOME!

    And looking at the same zones for the umpteenth thousand time while you grind mindless world quests is AMAZING!

    And and and, leveling your 200th character across the same shit is EXHILARATING!

    If you're feeling down about your class being mechanically broken and feeling like trash just watch the Jania cinematic again! It's MIND BLOWING!

    When you're faced with how horrible Azerite gear is, just remember than this expansion's story is THE GREATEST, MOST BRILLIANT STORY IN HUMAN HISTORY!!!!!

    When you want to kill yourself when you queue for island adventures, just look at how the art in blah blah zone rendered in a 2005 video game engine IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!

    Please, please don't make me think about what's broken. I have such a severe emotional attachment with this game that I actually identify AS this game now, and any criticism against the game feels like direct criticism against me! WATCH THE JANIA CINEMATIC AGAIN GUYS!

    This forced, delusional positivity for the sake of positivity is becoming a meme at this point.
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