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    But only for so long, they know they have to still come in 1st in some of, if not the rest of the races, or... they will slowly lose all that, and everyone will just start watching the new #1 guild. Being the best is a double edged sword, yes it has great perks, but you must maintain your status to maintain the rewards.
    but as it seems now...the new #1 if its not method is not streaming

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    Do Americans really believe people in Europe get 2 months of paid vacation a year? Lol. I live in the UK and typically people get 25-30 days depending on position etc, which I personally agree is a lot of vacation for a year. I also have colleagues and other friends who work in various countries around Europe and they are relatively similar, give or take.

    Having also worked in the "OC" part of the world, vacation is again pretty similar. I'd be very surprised if there was anywhere in the world that offered two months of paid leave as a standard requirement under its labour laws

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