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    Quote Originally Posted by Veldoranz View Post
    At least BFA has content. Stop being dramatic, WoD was a shitpile with 1 content patch and almost nothing to do but grind garrisons for a week, and raid.

    Here is a comparison for anyone trying to say WoD was better:


    -8 Boss Raid
    -10 Dungeons (Repeatable and relevant through the entire expansion due to M+)
    -6 Zones
    -World Quests
    -Rep Grinds via WQ's
    -Island Expeditions (Boring grind)
    -Azerite System (Issues, but still a progression system)
    -Warfronts (too many problems to list)
    -8.1 on the horizon with a raid
    -6 new allied races
    -New Battleground
    -Multiple new arenas
    -Little to no cancelled content

    Now let's look at WoD:

    -7 Boss Raid
    -8 Dungeons (No mythic+, useless after 2 weeks)
    -6 Zones (Tanaan delayed until 6.2)
    -Very few dailies, no world quests
    -rep grinds via grinding mobs
    -Garrisons (bad system from the start)
    -10 boss BRF
    -New character models
    -No new BG's
    -One new arena?
    -Enough cancelled content to make an entire separate expansion from. Including but not limited to: Bladespire Fortress (Horde Capital), Karabor (Alliance Capital), Ogre continent (south of spires), Faralon, Tanaan delayed until 6.2, Zangermarsh Zone, movable garrisons, trains in gorgrond, blood elf models delayed until 6.1, gorehowl legendary, tabard tab delayed, gromm as last boss, orgrim doomhammer story, trial of the gladiator.

    one is obviously more full of content than the other, and in a more complete state. Stop being drama queens, BFA isn't great, but it's better than WoD by miles.
    This exactly. I actually have hope for 8.1 too, especially since the part of BFA I like most atm is the story and I wanna see where it goes.

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    I don't remember WoD getting this amount of shit until a bit later. 6.1 is where the bomb was dropped. BFA is already a shitstorm from day one.

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    Remember - people hate success.
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    WoD didn't have anything after the leveling experience or towards the end of the expansion. BFA has nothing at the start of the expansion...or anywhere else for that matter.

    People are realizing now that this was a thin expansion. People paid for an expansion but ended up getting a patch. This is the laziest expansion they have ever released and it shows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by micwini View Post
    I don't remember WoD getting this amount of shit until a bit later. 6.1 is where the bomb was dropped. BFA is already a shitstorm from day one.
    It really was. The pre patch was a disaster
    can actually see why they were scared of just going with the Old gods from the start
    but the flipside as history shows enemies take advantage when someone has been weakened.

    they decided on Making Sylavans an OTT "baddie" then spent 4 weeks saying this wasn't WOD II
    Just said in another thread unless this is going to change why bother with Dailies once you hit Exalted
    they dont even offer the rewards they did in legion for carrying on doing them.

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    Not as bad as WoD yet but it possible could dethrone WoD as worst expansion.
    - Battle for Azeroth is the Michael Bay of WoW expansions -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dangg View Post
    "fastest selling expansion ever" is because of preorder numbers
    People keep bringing this up. Other expansions had pre-orders. What's the difference?

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