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    Most cheesy comp for fast rating in 3s?

    what's the most braindead comp for 3s right now to finish games quick? I'm playing paladin and we are kinda weak when cds run out so I need something that finishes games quick.

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    If you were to believe people on this forum: BM hunter, Disc priest and arms warrior.

    While that isn't a bad comp there's far better out there. Holy paladins seems to be untouchable and can heal out of LoS, mistweaver is always strong and dps wise the hybrid classes are all very strong cause once again they broke offhealing.

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    disc and whatever

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    anything that don't require setup.
    setup stuff like RMP usually require skill to play, hence why you are much less likely to find those at lower ratings.
    comps like double melee are common at lower ranks because theyre easy to play: just target something and attack until it dies, if you do it good enough, you go up in the ratings.

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    Probably DH/War/X is the easiest to play. It's the new TSG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blulingo View Post
    disc and whatever
    You can't be more wrong. Yea there are a lot of disc priests at trash rating (it seems you are playing here) but once you get higher it's nearly only rdruid/rshaman.

    The most braindead comp that can success in rated is Turbo atm and no it's not played with disc

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    doesn't really matter what you play if you're garbage
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