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    I get all of that, but my question still remains. Being that we can't change the past, and they already didn't respond in week 2, what do you actually want? If you're not satisfied with them continuing to ignore the issue, but also not satisfied with them taking steps to address it because it's too late, what do you actually want? And how is your feedback supposed to be in any way useful?
    It's in there you just chose to ignore it.

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    Oh look, Lore said the same thing a year ago about feedback being ignored. And yet despite claiming they were making steps to improve communication, it's only gotten worse since then.

    Posts like Lore's destroy any belief I had that criticisms on Blizzard's communication are actually being taken seriously.
    They've been singing the same song for a long time now. I think the whole Players <-> CM <-> Devs model is broken. The last time communication worked half-decently was when GC completely bypassed the CM level and took it onto himself to do the communication directly.

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    It's in there you just chose to ignore it.
    K bro. Whatever you say.

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