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    I guess Ornyx is sick of the WoW "community's" shit as well. Can't say I blame him.

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    Literal "Who?" talking head gets hired for no reason except due to social connections then thanks the community for the opportunity to berate it and make up bullshit and now that the community is finally more vocal about Blizzard's bullshit the talking head jumps like a rat.

    I'm not saying its not entirely possible that the dev team just simply ignored any information the CM relayed but its also equally possible he's just your typical douchebag talking head trying to worm their way up the corporate ladder.

    Why people fondle over people like Ghostcrawler or Ornyx that do nothing but spin words about good communication when the developers aren't doing a fucking thing about anything unless enough people bitch about it? So the solution is to keep bitching instead of telling people to stop "complaining". Ion just admitted in the Q&A he only cares about "raw data" (which is lawyer speak for "statistics") so unless enough people bitch they will do nothing but dangle a carrot in your face.

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    Well, that's great. How about also making the "I'm here for the Pets" account-wide? Even with higher drop rates, I can't believe anyone will get that before they get bored of expeditions...

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    Best luck to him. I actually really liked this CM.

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    /huggles the tea-goat* Take good care It was nice seeing you post around the forums and all <3

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