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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen of Hamsters View Post
    I don't want them to contain mounts, ESPECIALLY not the Bee mount.

    Resources, crafting materials, gear, reputation tokens that are BOA...

    Feels so weird to have réputation rewards from missions when I'm exalted everywhere and nothing happens.
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    I'm just being a smart ass at this point.
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    Kill it with fire!
    You are my hero.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen of Hamsters View Post
    I don't want them to contain mounts, ESPECIALLY not the Bee mount.

    Resources, crafting materials, gear, reputation tokens that are BOA...
    Didn't they mention in a Q&A that the Bee mount was Alliance only? I might be wrong though.
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    I still only have like 1/3 of the paragon cache mounts from Legion. Please god no.

    Just make alpacas require getting 50 paragon caches or something, it would be more merciful.

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    As somebody who went for paragon caches with 2 chars in Legion, and is still trying to get most of the mounts... Please God no.

    That being said, there are obvious mounts waiting just for that. On the Alliance side:

    Tired of just getting a bunch of horses? How about a bunch of gryphons now?
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    What I think would be cool is to add a new paragon currency. Call them paragon seals. Then you reward 10 seals every time the player fills up a paragon bar. No RNG.

    Vendors sell various stuff for paragon seals. Mounts are 100 seals, (boxable) pets 40 seals, toys 25 seals, stacks of profession materials 1-10 seals depending on value, transmog gear 5-10 seals, and powerful outdoor-only consumables 1 seal.

    You price these things so players can buy every unique item after completing 80 paragons, which should take the better part of a year even after they add BoA rep tokens to follower missions. So it still takes forever to get everything, but players can prioritize and get the things they actually want first. No RNG!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JJShadoe View Post
    So since Ion said that reputation paragon caches will be back for BfA at a later date, what are your thoughts about what the rewards might be, or what you hope they are?

    I haven't played through the Alliance side yet, so I don't know enough about their factions to comment, but I assume one of them will be the Bee mount.

    For Horde, my guesses are:

    Zandalari Empire - probably a disappointing recolor of a pre-existing dinosaur mount
    Talanji's Expedition - the Krag'wa toad mount
    Vol'dunai - fingers crossed for an Alpaca mount
    Honorbound - some new Horde banner toy or something along those lines

    Tortollan Seekers - maybe a baby turtle pet with a perma-divine shield protecting it
    Champions of Azeroth - an Azerite elemental mount that uses either the infernal mount skeleton or the Shaman class mount skeleton

    What do you think?
    I dont care... In Legion I was able to obtain only 2 mounts from Paragon (with 3 alts) and zero toy... why this time will be better?

    Considering how RNG is bad this time (island expeditions)... I dont wanna waste my time for this. I have already the Island Expetions that mortify me...
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