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  • Alterac Valley

    3 2.56%
  • Arathi Basin

    1 0.85%
  • Battle for Gilneas

    13 11.11%
  • Deepwind Gorge

    16 13.68%
  • Eye of the Storm

    3 2.56%
  • Isle of Conquest

    37 31.62%
  • Seething Shore

    15 12.82%
  • Silvershard Mines

    14 11.97%
  • Temple of Kotmogu

    8 6.84%
  • Twin Peaks

    4 3.42%
  • Warsong Gulch

    3 2.56%
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    Least Favourite BG - If You Could Remove Another, What Would It Be?

    Following the overhaul of the BG's with the removal of SOTA and the new group of Epic Battlegrounds separate from the rest, who do people feel with what we are left with?

    For me it would undoubtedly be Isle of Conquest - as far as I can tell, everything is solely focused around winning the Workshop zerg at the start. If you win this, every other base is irrelevant because they do utterly crap damage compared to the Demos and Seige Engine. The bombs inside the enemy's base from getting the Docks are laughably pathetic in their damage, as are now the Glaive Throwers, both of which collectively pale into insignificance when compared with the damage put out by the Demos and Seige Engine. I could go on about all the other things I hate about this abomination of a BG plenty more but I'll open the floor to you guys now:

    If you could remove another BG or have removed another BG instead of SOTA, which would it be?

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    Probably Silvershard Mines but honestly the other 2 added in MoP are just as bad imo

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    IoC of Deepwind Gorge, though I'd rather they just fixed them.

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    The Isle of Conquest. Then I could get AV every time I queue for an epic BG, which would let me farm that rep much more efficiently.

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    WSG, as an ele shaman it feels cramped and tiny, i need room to breath keep those pesky melee's away.

    i loved SoTA, especially when you could ride on a demolisher and cast spells, i could blow up melee in literally 2 lightning bolts and 1 lava burst.

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    Tbh I only enjoy AB and EotS. DWG is ok, but I could take it or leave it. Being pushed to queue random is a big reason why I don't pvp as much as I used to. I think Silvershard Mines is the worst currently, but I wouldn't bat an eye if they removed any of the others.

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    Temple of Kotmogu, not fun at all

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    IoC is still pure cancer.
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    Isle of Conquest is boring, I prefer Alterac, but anyway they are both terrible when you play horde :/ I have a terrible winrate on those
    But if I can delete one: Isle of Conquest for sure

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    IoC, AV is at least fun when you wanna chill and get conquest but not actually have to pvp. Conquest is just a shit show all the time.
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    IoC. It was fun back in the days, but nowadays it's such a pain to play and nobody executes the tactics needed to play it properly.
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    Everything from cataclysm and unwards with the exception of twin peaks.
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    IoC. Follwed closely by Twin Peaks (maybe because I'm completely burned out with WSG ). Not a fan of Deepwing Gorge either.

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    Never liked Isle of Conquest, never will.

    That said I do still enjoy myself there from time to time.
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    Really don't like Isle of Conquest, thats' perma blacklisted for me. Together with AV in its current iteration.
    Deepwind Gorge tho, is one I really dislike as well and makes me wish for a 3rd blacklist option.

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    I don't mind IoC and it should be less of an issue with the separation of Battlegrounds and Epic Battlegrounds.

    I am not a fan of Deepwind Gorge. The layout or aesthetic.
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    I always hated Temple of Kotmogu with passion

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    Get rid of Silvershard Mines. Just a mindless zerg from point a to point b.
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    Anyone saying anything else than IoC have no idea wtf they are talking about to be honest.

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    Kotmogu. I hate it.

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