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    It would be nice to be able to play 2H frost again. I've always played BDK, but with 2H frost i was able to play DPs when needed with minimal changes. just switch rune and you are good to go.

    Also, I despise the BoS gameplay. I really like Oblit 2H Frost and loathe BoS. It would be really great to see 2H Oblit on par with BoS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makabreska View Post
    So he is a Fury war aswell? These swords like like 1h to me.
    Those are in fact two handed swords. It's not the blade that determines wether a sword is single handed or two handed, but the hilt.
    Two handed weapons have longer hilts so they can be gripped with two hands, wheres one handed swords only have long enough hilt for one hand. At the end of the hilt there's a pommel that prevents the sword from slipping out of your hand and provides some counterbalance.

    In theory a two handed sword can be wielded with one hand, but lack of pommel would cause the sword to slowly slip down no matter how hard you grip it.

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    Personally, my main reason to want it would be that I can just use the same weapon for tanking and dpsing, right now I have to look up every loot table and decide which loot spec I want to have on.

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    If i recall correctly it was an option from the beginning when the class was introduced and not removed past MoP,
    given the timespan it`s only natural to assume that some felt quite connected to the specific playstyle, myself included.
    It felt great being slow moving but extremely hard hitting, much the same as with 2H enhancement back when that was a thing.
    Few things felt as good as seeing that massive obliterate crit.

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    I think someone said it before that it makes sense that the frost dk is this slow moving juggernaut. You absolutely DO NOT want that thing near you or you're in for a bad time. Whereas unholy is just about fast hitting diseases, pet damage, death coils.

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