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    Quote Originally Posted by sam86 View Post
    because DK was never meant to duel wield, when u imagine a DK, u imagine with a big ass 2h weapon, not duel wield chopsticks
    can u name an iconic dk with duel wield before blizz shoved it in our throats in MoP? WoD?
    and to add insult to injury they made us reforge the MOST iconic weapon in warcraft history to 2 swords, i wanted to cry when i was doing that, luckily my main isn't DK
    None of what you said holds up to any scrutiny.

    Never meant to dual-wield? Weird, it's like you have no idea that the class launched with the ability to do so, and a talent tree supporting it.

    What you want to image a Death Knight as? You can have you own personal opinion, and you can insult what other like all you want, but you do not speak for everyone, let alone the lore. And the lore does validate dual-wielding as something that Death Knights can do. If you don't like it, then congratulations, you don't like part of Death Knights. Suck it up, and move on if that isn't your thing.

    Shoved dual-wield down your throat in MoP and WoD? There's just no sense to this claim. WoD was the most successful 2H had ever been in PvP, and that was the most success 2H Frost had over it's lifetime. PvE-wise DW wasn't "forced" anymore than it ever had been just by being the superior PvE spec for all but the first tier of WoD.

    You don't know of an iconic dual-wielding Death Knight prior to MoP/WoD? Even though there are several that go all the way back to Wrath. Darion and Thassarian were dual-wielding at the expansion launch. These are no obscure characters. To not know these very prominent figures in the lore that guide you through much of the story, again, just indicates that you don't really know the class all that well.

    You really have no idea what you're talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkiy View Post
    ok then let me rephrase it, like how we were expecting classes from wc3 to be similar in wow, imagine giving us demon hunter soloing a 2h weapon, that what happened
    wow dks are not related to wc3 dk, that part is obvious since start, however - again - DK impose fear and terror, a 2h weapon cause more fear than duel wield can ever do, and as a guy above u replied to me already, the most iconic frost DK is Arthas, and Arthas is using Frostmourne not 2 chopsticks
    duel wield 1h weapon for me is always a rogue stuff, fight cheap and dirty, but rogues don't cause u to flee in terror, in fact rogues - when spotted from afar - cause u to run to them before they hide, the image of DK is if u see him run away, now make a DK 1/4 rogue and make him duel wield like him... yeah that sucks
    if they really want DKs to keep duel wield let them be like warriors, duel titan grips, the twin princes was smaller than average sword, why did paladins get to use Ashbringer - the 2nd most iconic weapon -, but dks couldn't use Frostmourne ? If because 'class was about duel wield dps', they literally changed survival hunter after 12 years from ranged (and longest range even) in game to melee, they could done same for DK
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    Why not just enjoy dual wield DKs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHUMEGGAH View Post
    I suppose I'm missing something, but it comes off to me the appeal of 2h Frost is that of an Arms Warrior... without being an Arms Warrior.
    It seems to me like this is kind of the problem.
    What is actually fundamentally different about dual-wielding frost and Arms, if the difference between 2h frost and Arms is so little? If they're so similar that changing their itemisation slightly demolishes the difference between the two specs' identities, it seems like they're already the same class.

    2h frost seems perfectly fine to me; open up new options for itemisation and aesthetics with little downside. Sure one will come ahead on DPS but there'll always be a top DPS.
    Part of what pickles me about this case is why Frost mirroring Arms Warriors is the issue. Why aren't dual-wielding Arms Warriors mirroring Frost DKs? What about 2h Fury Warriors? These are things the game had before, and could be differences that help to make your character progression more meaningful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravell View Post

    Drizzt Do'Urden
    Because that is no DK? It's like posting the pic of a triceratops to a discussion about atauren, they share the horns, but not much else.
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    I dont even play Frost DK because i think 1h seethed on sides looks ridiculous ...

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    So reading all this, it comes down to giving us a glyph and make it work for other classes/specs as well.
    This way anyone who wants their old play style back is happy and no gameplay mechanics will be broken.

    I can't imagine that would be too hard to develop/implement since similar effects already exist in game.
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    Personally, I don't mind dual wield. 2H was fine, too. I'm actually playing Unholy atm so it matters less to me than it ever did lol.

    Anyways, it all comes down to appearance. All of this endless whining and complaining over appearance. The spec still plays the same, damage would still be tuned the same. The ONLY legitimate excuse for whining I can think of is that it's easier to obtain one 2H'er than it is to get two 1H'ers. But yeah, people, mostly casuals if I had to guess, are whining about appearance.
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    I want to be able to use a single 1H for weapon attacks and have more usage of a free casting hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myhrte View Post
    So reading all this, it comes down to giving us a glyph
    that would be really cool actually, just an appearance change , could fix everything tbh

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    Quote Originally Posted by ymirsson View Post
    Because that is no DK? It's like posting the pic of a triceratops to a discussion about atauren, they share the horns, but not much else.
    Holy shit that was a funny response that I came across.

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