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  • Earth/Earthen: Tank

    45 69.23%
  • Air/Lightning: Melee DPS

    12 18.46%
  • Fire/Molten: Ranged DPS

    8 12.31%
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    Man for real this would be much more amasing. (I would just make the caster spec a mix of Lava and Frost)

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    Quote Originally Posted by caballitomalo View Post
    Ah yes, Earth Elemental. When I saw that we got it back I didn´t think much of it but now as I started leveling and with WQs I cant imagine my life without it. I would like to be able to use it in raid to some extent though. Maybe with the redesign of azerite armor they could improve the trate that turns it into a sort dps CD and place it in a way that we could choose to use that trait without hurting output.

    As far as Earthwardens design, it could be a sort of Tank class with a pet. That would be a way to differentiate it from other tanks. By designing it around the constant use of the earth elemental by sharing health and dividing the dmg taken between the elemental and the shaman. Something really cool, original and different could be done.
    i mean it can still be for all the specs but just those special extra effects for earth

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    Personally I like it that each spec uses all elements but are focused on one in particular.
    Enhance imo lacks some regular frost damage for them to be perfect in concept. Same with Elemental.
    A tank spec should be focused on Earth with support from mainly frost and water, then fire and with air/lightning as the lowest.

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    I think it needs to be said. That the description of this is not accurate. An sorry i did not read all the post. I`ll Skim through them shortly.
    Lets be clear.
    Shaman builds are entirely based on Elements sure. But not like this. If you did your Shaman quest it explains it very well. You Service the Elements. An they give you their blessings. So i can see how you would think. Tough guy would be Earth an Melee Air But Fire ranged I can't agree.

    You can do all those things at once. The Proper description is this.
    Enhancement is Front row seats. Earth buffs an use Rockbitter sure. But you still need to Shock to draw threat so that's Lighting.

    This means there is no mixing between Tanking or Melee DPS. There both the same. All a Shaman does is Switch to a Shield an wear some Defense gear (Which is part of the problem. Shaman needed Defense gear). An hit level 40 to wear Mail Armor. the Base Highest Defense in the game class.Shaman. Can dodge almost all attack Melee wise. Ab block the others. They just have difficulty evading Warriors. (Which most NPCs are Warriors.)

    The only other Specs are Ranged period. Ranged Healing and Magic damage. So you only have Restoration and Elemental.Elemental Should be built to do both Fire and Ice damage. An talents Should be built around this. Restoration is suppose to be built around Windfury on your Staff and knowing when to use a Shield an 1hand Mace. (Note: That is based on Lower levels going up.)

    So its Ranged Fire/Ice What the Death Knight stole from Shaman.

    The problem you may experience in Classic WoW Right now is you will run into mobs that deal pretty high damage in Battlegrounds. So when you get in the battlegrounds you are going to need at least 3 pieces of High Defense gear. So you cant be hit so easily and will protect you from the Raid bosses.

    This is a no brainer. Get your Defense gear so you can take out those Alterac Valley Flag bosses.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I didn't reply directly. I love your ideas here. You have a very creative set idea. Ssssss however i would like to make some changes. An they are base. Why not just make the class based around your custom design. So you have the option to buy the Abilities an spells for your build. So you can be an Restoration Shaman with Earth and Shock Tendency.

    Or a Elemental Shaman who likes calling down Thunder an creating Earthquakes?

    Or a Enhancement Shaman who loves Paralyzing enemies with Shock then liquefying them with Lava?

    Basically. Depending on the talents on their talent tree. The Shaman would appear to look more like whatever they choose when they get their armor. Like If you choose mostly Fire. Your Shaman looks more attuned to fire. If its Lighting You No matter the Armor,You look like you are always crackling with Lighting. An Frost. You look like a Frozen Knight With Ice falling off your character armor an weapons. As well as Ice off your base model character.

    As for Earth It would be Sand or cracks on the ground form around you an pebbles float up. Like when Goku power's up. It would look cool an put in some fun for the player.

    Water. Well that would be blood dripping off your characters armor or blades.
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