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    Ferals been strong always , moonkin comes and goes, ele and enh rotate in and out of op in turns

    Both those classes actually never had one patch where at least 1 dps spec wasn't tier 1
    Tier 1?
    ehm... what? Entire legion, enhancement shaman was definetly not tier 1. Elemental was more or less useless on the start of legion expansion (7.3 it was tier 1, i agree).
    Elemental was unplayable entire WoD.
    And now? How often you face elemental shaman in arenas?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucius View Post
    MW monks and rshamans have way too much utility for healers. Especially shamans. Totems everywhere, ranged interrupt, stun totem, hex - you name it.
    Resto shaman has utility, that is corect!
    But has no mobility, hasn o bubble, has nothing to survive stun... Its i would say well balanced equation. For average player, the resto shaman is probably the worst option. For skilled person its with druid tier 1 healer on current meta.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sparv View Post
    You're funny.
    No shamans should never play with totem mastery in PVP (which leaves them with 3-4 totems left depending of their spec and if they decide to play with or without grounding totem)
    Stun totem has 45sec cd and is pretty much useless at higher raiting considering its low health pool.
    Hex is also almost useless since there is so many classes (counting dps and healers) who can dispell it.
    Aoe stun for shamans - its just illusion, its really hard to stun good players and you need to prepare setup for it.
    Hex is fine, unfortunatly its only defensive tool, because you face manymanymany resto druids and even tooltip say its usable against beasts, it doest work on druids (if he is not blind).
    ==> So all is left are roots. And if u r enha you have very often ,,nothing". (against good players, hex or capacitor are strong in BG or against mediocre players)
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