I purchased my last pet about a week ago. For all Alliance and Horde items, it requires 5850 PPC. I'd estimate I averaged 2.5 characters per PPC WQ. I had two 120's doing them since about 2 weeks into the expac, with my Alliance added to that about one month ago. I had another Horde character, though it was leveled strictly through IE's, meaning I had no flight paths or the boat. That character only did Zuldazar ones. Only did missions on two of those characters when they showed up, though I didn't get many from those.

That guy who said he has 6000 extra charms would have to have 5-6 characters pumping out every PPC WQ since the first week of the expansion. While possible, why continue to grind the WQs when you have everything, and there's nothing new to purchase next patch? I think anyone would be happy to be done with the grind, and take a break from it.

I understand that we're not supposed to get everything we want immediately. But at the same time, in the past all we required was reputation to get collectibles. With how rewards work now, they're definitely designed with us players having multiple alts to get them. I'd still be grinding Paragon rewards if I didn't have two characters grinding missions endlessly last expansion. We're simply not meant to have one character anymore, they expect us to have multiple.