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    It kinda is when you lose the GCD time with your buff up and can't get that extra KC in during that buffed window - over the course of a fight it can add upto quite a few KC opportunities missed - tbh, no idea why they re-introduced it.... but Blizz have been known to make many non-sensical decisions in the past, so we just add this on to the list
    And to add to that, we have to press one of our damage cooldown, Bestial Wrath quite frequently, meaning more GCD-s lost over buffing up than the others on average. Moreover the worst part is that it's just feels terrible and unnatural.. although this is just a side note.

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    I love BM oh how do i miss my 2nd pet though. Was a cool feature =(
    Uhh, 2 pets is still in the game.

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    Actually beast master hunter is the most boring class in WoW.

    Im not talking about balance. Class have lost his fantasy, we need an improved rework like Demonology Warlock.

    What do you think about?

    BM was my main spec since mist of pandaria. Warlord, Legion and BfA made it the worst spec in WoW.
    To each their own, I've played BM hunter since vanilla and personally I think its pretty fun in BFA. I agree that it was better during Mists (and that a lot of other specs were as well) but I enjoy it quite a bit ATM.
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