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    Regarding Battlemaster

    I am considering finishing Battlemaster this expansion, but upon looking at the achievement, it still lists Master of Strand of the Ancients as a requirement.

    Has there been any word from blizz as to if this is a glitch, or is Battlemaster just unattainable as of now?

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    Weird. mine is still showing SOTA on my achievement, in game. Can't post links because my account is brand new.

    If I run into any issues at least I know this shouldn't be the case, and I could just contact a GM. ty

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    The SOTA achievements were the real pain for battlemaster, kinda sad they removed it and made it so easy now.
    They could atleast have added another bg "Master" as requirement. Better for you I guess.

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    Good luck. Im stuck on the perfect storm for 10 years.

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