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    Nothing will ever come close to the absolute hilarity of Durumu LFR and Nazgrim LFR where the tactic was to get 10+ determination stacks because LFR raiders are blithering morons that even after 10 wipes still have no idea what to do and continuously wipe to the same mechanics. So the tactic was to get such a high damage percentage increase that the bosses would die really fast or die before the notorious death maze that Durumu summoned on his second phase.
    Elegon and Garalon are also prime contenders.

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    Tried it one time. Got to 7 stacks last week, was healing on my shaman. No one would do orbs. Finally this poor lock, bless his soul, and a solid DH helped out. Then of course I got blamed for low healing while running orbs on try 5 and 6. Again, went back and explained the entire fight, including that dps do in fact want to be in the purple circle for more dps to start. Kill boss, like 4 people said thanks for taking time to explain everything and no one said anything to the lock that I saw. And that is enough LFR for me.
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    I did it yesterday. I liked that it was challenging in the sense that you needed to dodge orbs, and the dot in p2 could kill you.

    Unfortunately i dont have too much time anymore to get geared for normal so LFR is all I've got to see the content, so it is nice to see a challenge instead of an afk fest.

    Also, as a warrior, i was running orbs. I think the benefit was that i could safely experiment out how far i can get with my charges /heroic leap combo and not have to fail that on normal once i eventually get to that. The group got it after 7 wipes.

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    literally if you just solo orbs as any normal individual, you'll get it down..but you need to do ever single orb most likely.
    Or at least that was the case when i did it.

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