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    Quote Originally Posted by Realitytrembles View Post
    Ion is just a dbag who gives weasel-worded lawyer answers. Why anyone bothers reading his bs anymore is beyond me.
    /preach brother, the game is easily in its worst state and I still have a soft spot for wow. Some fans just don't want to be told that the game is in a bad state.

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    Yep it fucking sucks. They need to admit it. Just rip the band-aid off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerraMonk View Post
    Then you missed out on an excellent questing experience.
    Nah I missed out on a frustrating time gated rep grind designed to extend my sub length. If you liked it cool. I didn't because of terrible zone design and no possiblity of immersion due to time gating. If you are going to make a story I should be able to play through all of it in one session or at least consecutive sessions. If I have to way days or weeks in between guess what. It's not going to be enjoyable and will be quickly forgotten.

    This whole time gating turns reps from something you can expierence into a daily chores you must do so that you can return to enjoying yourself. Combine that with the most difficult to navigate zone I've ever been in, no flying, and roaming elites that will fucking wreck you and no thanks.

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    Time gating a story is bad. Boring shore is a good example of this and why content put forth since then has been utterly boring.
    Battle for Abilities = WoD 2.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Rekz View Post
    I'll trust blizzard over your assessment. They've been doing this for a long time. It may very well be that your class is nerfed in which case, your class will feel as if it doesn't work correctly.

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