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    Keeper of the Grove was my favorite unit in WC3; I'd love to play one. Granted, I think there's very little chance given their quadruped nature, but that's still what I want.

    If we're going for a more standard selection, mok'nathal and k'thir for Horde/Alliance respectively. Mok'nathal given Rexxar's contributions to the Horde, and k'thir because Alliance allied races love tentacles (lightforged draenei, void elves), and I really like Lovecraftian lore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omarxz11 View Post
    they didn't said it , but there is 100% evidence they will , because you can see their pattern of creating mirror races for already existing races , as for amani NO ?? zandalari use night elf skeleton for male , amani uses male normal troll skeleton , also blizzard don't take hybrid seriously they main use it for gender thing , example like sethrak use female skeleton of worgen
    Look at the animations that have been seen.

    They have a base of a Male Night Elf, but their animations are different. They aren't quite a Male Night Elf.
    Even if you were right, the Male Night Elf was used for Male Nightborne ... meaning that skeletons CAN be shared.

    So either you must admit you violated your own rule or you must admit that that rule wasn't a rule. You are wrong one way or the other.
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    It's the only NPC race in the game that I've ever wanted to be. Would race change my main to it in a second.
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    Titans like the ones at the Argus fight.

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    Wildhammer Dwarves
    Broken Draenei

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    Drogbar would be cool
    The fancy Aarakoa
    Naga standard
    Taunka to replace highmountain

    to name a few

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxrokur View Post
    Well current forsakens maybe and probably that will be the turning point for many and Sylvanas will be forced to change tactics with them because Calia can easily steal all of her new troops or a lot of them will turn against her if the offer of Calia is more tempting, man I really want one of her dark rangers(maybe Delaryn after backstabbing her) and a somewhat famous forsaken characters to be killed or betraying the faction and being re-raised as a light worshipper and going full FOR THE LIGHT AND THE ALLIANCE!! that would be a good lesson and a taste of your own medicine moment
    I just want the alliance to get handed holy undead that they never asked for and get a whole bunch of 'heroes' along with the package. like, for starters they get calia,
    "YAY!" and Uther "OMGYAY!!!" but then they get loaded with half the scarlet crusade ressurected (oh the irony) and Othmar Garithos as their fucking leader! and nobody can argue against them because they were pretty much a gift by some naaru.

    These guys wouldnt really listen to alliance leadership and would just do whatever the fanatical light tells them to. it would be so funkin funny to see the alliance overstep their reliance on the light to have it drag them into some insane fanatical shitstorm.

    I mean, the light never abandoned the scarlet crusaders, it might be that the light aids anyone who believes in it, or perhaps the light actually intended for them to do the shit they did.

    As for sylvanas and the rest of the forsaken... eh, i hate what blizzard has done with her this xpac. i just want her to die so that they can stop butchering her. The rest of the forsaken really need to get their will back and i feel like lightsworn undead would be their perfect foil, pain+freedom VS bliss+servitude. its almost NEEDED.

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    mechanical gnomes (ie immune to sheep etc but take extra lightning damage something like that)

    arakkoa - although I believe they are hostile to both alliance/horde so dunno

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