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    After doing thousands of M+ I've found that if you just avoid French servers and the server Outland 90% of your worries are gone Horde-side EU. I've been doing that for a while now, and barring one experiment with a restoration shaman all my groups have been clean so far in BFA.
    Outland Alliance EU are often friendly and the Horde side are really salty I can confirm that French players are often obnoxioux, pushy and kick quick if you make either 1 small mistake or they kick random people too add more French players or something… Germans and English are often nice.

    I don't have anything against French players, I lived in France and I have a couple of French people as friends before we gonna have an another discussion about it...

    The worst realm imo is Sylvanas Alliance EU, Jesus what a bunch of idiots are there.

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    Mythic raiding and m+ pushing community is toxic as shit and that's the reason i quit, i can't stand coming back from a working day to log in and have a 22 yr old psychopatic and frustrated raid leader swearing at me or at the whole raid for a fucking shitty game, fuck you and your progress guy, i play for fun i don't play for a living...
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