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Why does mythic plus need to be timed? Raids aren't timed, so why should mythic plus be timed? You can bash your head against a boss in raids for hours, weeks even months without being punished by a timer.
Because it's part of the challenge. If it had no timer, to push high keys you would basically go 1 mob at a time, and that in my opinion shouldn't be enforced. Also the comparison of Raids vs Dungeons doesn't make any sense to me, they're designed entirely different, or would you rather do a dungeon that was designed to last for weeks?

I also don't understand the point of making m+ even easier when it's a system that adapts difficulty to your skill. If you can't do a +10, then instead of trying and deplete it you can lower your key and lose no time at all. "Trivializing" every bit of challenge that Blizzard implements in wow is why we have LFR, etc. Without a timer almost everyone would be able to do m+10 with no effort.