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    Arrow Developer Q&A /w Ion 2018-10-11 Drinking Game & Discussion

    Post a rule for the drinking game, take a bet on what question will be answered.

    Try not to incur alcohol-poisoning.

    I'm playing the odds.

    Take a shot when the word "grand scheme" is used.

    Question taken: Status of the goblin and worgen model updates.

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    Take a drink when "design philosophy" is used.
    Question taken: Shadow priest updates.

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    Take a drink when he accuses us of "oversimming"

    Question taken: elemental/shadow updates

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    or if you really like to drink.

    take a shot when he uses hand actions while answering a question like it somehow helps.

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    Take a drink when he mentions "That's something we have to work on the future"

    Question taken: Patch 8.1 date
    This world don't give us nothing. It be our lot to suffer... and our duty to fight back.

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    Take a drink when he says it'll be fixed with more "tuning".

    Question: Freaking all of them.

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    DO NOT drink when Lore says "sounds good". Even if you live in eastern Europe. ;P

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    - Take a drink for every use of the phrase "balance"
    - Take a drink for every question you know the answer to before Lore finishes reading the question.
    - If a question about High Elves or Solo-queue comes up during the Q&A as if he would actually announce something like that in a Q&A, take a shot and sigh despairingly.

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    Take a drink whenever Lore gives whatever lie Ion is spinning the unmistakable nod of approval.

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